What are examples of public accommodations?

A public accommodation is any establishment that is open to the general public and, for compensation, offers any product service or facility to the general public. Examples may include:

  • Hotels and motels
  • Bars, restaurants, or any place where for or beverages are sold
  • Retail and wholesale establishments
  • Movie theaters
  • Recreation and Fitness Centers

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1. What does the NDO prohibit?
2. Are there any exclusions to the ordinance?
3. What are examples of public accommodations?
4. Does the NDO apply to restrooms or other similar facilities?
5. How could a complaint be filed to report discrimination?
6. How would the complaint be handled?
7. What if the complaint cannot be referred to another public agency and it is accepted for investigation by the City?
8. What if the complaint cannot be resolved between the parties? Is there a penalty?
9. What if there is no reasonable cause found that discrimination occurred?
10. What are the expectations for confidentiality?
11. What if provisions of the ordinance are against my sincerely held religious belief(s)?
12. Are schools included in the NDO?