What type of repairs are not eligible?

Ineligible repairs:

  • Only cosmetic Items.
  • Perils covered by insurance claims.

Additionally, unsafe and substandard structures that cannot be made safe for habitation with the maximum allowed or less will not be eligible for assistance. The owner will receive a letter notifying of the hazards and why assistance is being denied. Under such circumstances, Community Development Division will recommend a household seek safe housing as soon as possible.

Homes built before 1978 are subject to Lead-Based Paint rules and regulations.

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1. What type of repairs are eligible?
2. What type of repairs are not eligible?
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4. Will the repairs need to be paid back?
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7. Are there other provisions for special consideration?
8. What if I am unhappy with some of the work completed?
9. Do I need good credit?
10. Will a lien be placed against my property?