What happens after I apply?

Staff will work with the rental property owner to finalize the list of repairs.

If the rental property owner, property, and repair(s) are eligible:

  • The Texas Historical Commission may have to be notified for any property 45 years or older.
  • Work write-up plans will be completed.
  • If painted services will be affected in a house built before 1978, the area will be tested for lead-based paint. A lead-based paint inspection and/or risk assessment shall be conducted by a licensed risk assessor. If your house is found to have lead-based paint hazards, hazard reduction techniques will be utilized.
  • Rental property owner will review and approve work write-up and/or plans.
  • Project is sent out to bid to contractors. Eligible bids are approved by the City.
  • Repair work begins.
  • Repair work is completed.
  • Rental property owner completed walk-through of the rental property with City staff.
  • Upon final inspection approval, the contractor will submit an invoice. The payment request will be processed upon project approval, and the contractor can expect payment within 15 working days from the date the invoice was approved.

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