Are there other provisions for special consideration?

The City of Denton Rental Repair Program must follow specific guidelines required by the funding source to assure proper administration and management. If an applicant feels that their circumstances require special consideration, a request for waiver from the usual requirements may be submitted to Community Development. All waiver requests must be submitted in writing and should specify the program requirement(s) to be considered for waiver and state the applicant’s reason(s) or special circumstances why they believe a waiver should be approved. The Community Development Manager will review requests on a case-by-case basis.

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1. What type of repairs are eligible?
2. What type of repairs are not eligible?
3. What is the maximum funding per application?
4. Will the repairs need to be paid back?
5. How do I apply?
6. What happens after I apply?
7. Are there other provisions for special consideration?
8. What if I am unhappy with some of the work completed?
9. Do I need good credit?
10. Will a lien be placed against my property?