What services do the ambassadors provide?

In addition to routine cleaning services of the downtown area, ambassadors will assist with, among other things: graffiti removal, handbill and sticker removal, driving/walking directions, recommendations of things to see and do, public interaction and engagement, answering questions, providing safety escorts, reporting unwanted and illegal activities, and much more.   

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1. How can I contact an ambassador for assistance?
2. What is the program service area?
3. What services do the ambassadors provide?
4. What are the hours/days of service?
5. Are the ambassadors' services free to the public?
6. How will I be able to identify an ambassador?
7. Will the ambassadors respond to emergency calls?
8. Who are the ambassadors and how are they selected?
9. What is Block by Block?
10. How can I apply to be an ambassador?
11. Will the ambassadors be pushing out those experiencing homelessness in the downtown area?
12. Are there different types of ambassadors?