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Fire Station Number 1

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Fire Station 1, also known as Central Fire Station, opened at its current location in 2003. It is the fifth central fire station since the founding of the Denton Fire/Rescue Department in 1874. The building was once home to Denton's first power plant and has been completely renovated to house many of Denton Fire Department's administration and emergency operations center, along with being a working fire station.

Central Fire Station is Denton's largest station. It is home to a medic unit, and engine, Reserve Truck 11, a truck company, and the east-side Battalion Chief supervisor, bringing the minimum daily staffing to ten personnel.

Central Fire Station also houses the heavy rescue apparatus, which is staffed by the truck company, to carry specialized equipment for confined space, trench, structural collapse, and high angle rescue operations. All personnel assigned to Station 1 are required to be trained in these rescue disciplines.

The Station's response district encompasses downtown Denton, including the Square, Southeast Denton, the Oak and Hickory Street Historical district, and Texas Woman's University.

Central Fire Station is also the location of the Denton Firefighters Museum. The Museum, which is in the foyer on Hickory Street, houses firefighting artifacts from Denton's past with instructional displays showing the equipment and operational advancements of firefighting.

Station 1 Houses

  • Houses Fire Administration
  • Denton Firefighters Museum
  • Battalion 1
  • Truck 1
  • Engine 1
  • Medic 1
  • Rescue 1


  • Battalion Chief Holdsclaw
  • Captain Cavett
  • Captain Roberts


  • Battalion Chief Boozer
  • Captain Howell
  • Captain Dye


  • Battalion Chief Skipper
  • Captain Waggoner
  • Captain Hickman