What type of repairs are eligible?

Repairs and/or modifications to achieve accessibility that are needed to make the housing safe, sanitary or habitable are eligible for assistance. Community Development staff will inspect the unit to determine if requested repair is eligible. Eligible Repairs:

  • Repairs necessary to protect the health and safety of the household include repair and/or replacement of failed plumbing fixtures, clogged/broken sewer lines, damaged or exposed electrical wiring, switches, outlets, leaking roofs, etc.
  • Repairs and/or modifications may be made to a structure as necessary to allow accessibility to accommodate a disability when other means are not available to allow accessibility; i.e. building a wheelchair ramp, widening doorways to rooms that must be accessible for living, etc.

When a repair is covered by an insurance policy and only a portion of the cost to repair is covered, the owner must sign over insurance claim payment(s) to the City of Denton before work may begin. Owner insurance funds will be deposited into an escrow account and will be expended first when contractor payments are approved. If owner has already spent insurance funds on repairs, owner must provide proof of payment and detailed documentation of work completed before a decision can be made if the repair is eligible for funding.

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