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Development & Growth

  1. 2021 Building, Fire & Health Code Adoption Comments

    Use this form to share your feedback on the City's proposed amendments to the International Code Council's (ICC) building, fire, and... More…

  2. Mobility Plan Feedback Form

    Thank you for your interest in the Denton Mobility Plan! After reading through the public draft, please provide your thoughts using... More…

  1. Denton Development Code Feedback Form
  2. Parklet & Streatery Pilot Program Feedback

Internal Audit

  1. Internal Audit Feedback Form

    Form that allows Denton residents to provide feedback on published internal audit reports or to provide future internal audit ideas.

Parks & Recreation

  1. Contact Keep Denton Beautiful
  2. Denton Parks and Rec Partial Scholarship Policy

    Denton Parks and Rec Partial Scholarship Policy. Learn more and apply for a partial scholarship.

  3. Parks and Recreation Customer Service Request
  1. Denton Parks and Rec Free Camp Policy

    Denton Parks and Rec FREE Camp Policy. Learn more and apply for a full camp scholarship.

  2. Film Permit

Report an Issue

  1. Contact Webmaster

    Use this form to share any problems or technical issues with the City of Denton’s website. If you are reporting a problem, please... More…


  1. Report Water Waste
  1. Tree Trimming Request

    Denton Municipal Electric helps ensure public safety and reliable service for our residents by trimming trees on a regular basis.


  1. Become a Volunteer

    Complete this form to receive emails about major volunteer opportunities with the City, including community cleanup events.