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Denton Parks and Rec Partial Scholarship Policy

  1. Denton Parks and Rec | Partial Scholarship Policy
  2. I.    PURPOSE

    The purpose of the policy is to provide guidelines for the application and distribution of scholarships for Denton Parks and Recreation (“PARD”) program and events.

    II.    POLICY

    The scholarship policy establishes the eligibility requirements, distribution, award level, and guidelines that apply to all PARD programs for which a fee is charged. The Scholarship Program will serve children, youth, adults, and seniors. It is the desire of the Denton City Council that scholarships exist to execute the mission of the PARD by assisting low-income families and subsidizing costs associated with PARD programs and events, in accordance of guidelines set forth by the City Council.


        Applicants are required to be City of Denton residents and must provide proof of residency (current utility bill, driver’s license, apartment/housing lease, or verification of City of Denton Taxing District on CAD).

        Applicants are required proof of Moderate – Extremely Low Income and must provide a copy of the free or reduced lunch letter from the Denton Independent School District (DISD), current year completed IRS tax forms, or complete self certification form.

  3. FY 2022 Income Limits Summary Dallas, TX HUD Metro FMR Area
  4. Spreadsheet of Income Limit Summary

    Complete the Scholarship Application Form below and press submit. One form per family- listing all eligible family members. Provide required documentation for proof of eligible services. Applications must be completed by a parent or guardian if the recipient is under the age of 18. 

    Scholarship eligibility doesn’t guarantee admittance or available space for all programs and events as funding is determined by budget allocations each fiscal year.  

    Recreation staff will review applications. Applications will be processed within 10 business days after all documentation is received and verified. Applicants will be notified by email of their status after the application has been processed.   


    Partial scholarships are awarded August 1-July 31 or in association with the distribution of the free or reduced lunch letter from DISD. Applications must be submitted annually. Funding is determined by budget allocations each fiscal year.  

    Each partial scholarship covers 50% of the program or event registration fee. The scholarship does not cover late fees, additional supply fees or fees paid directly to contract instructors. 

    For adults 50+ only, recipients may apply the scholarship to cover the full cost of an annual gym membership or contribute to the overall cost of the annual group exercise membership (Senior Fitness).

    Recipients of scholarships have five (5) business day from notice of award to cancel or decline the scholarship. Failure to provide the above-stated notice will result in the recipient losing any remaining scholarship allocations and the participant will be ineligible for any additional scholarships for two (2) full years from the date of the non-compliance.  


    All scholarships are non-transferable, and they cannot be replaced with additional scholarship funds due to the non-use of the original scholarship. 


    Each eligible family member is limited to a maximum of $150 in partial scholarships per year. Some scholarships for specific programs may differ depending on awarded grants. Scholarships can be used for any Parks and Rec program or event.   

    Scholarship funding is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  


    Scholarship recipients who provide false or incomplete eligibility information to the City will immediately forfeit their scholarship. Household accounts that have a past due balance for any PARD program will not be eligible for a scholarship until the balance has been paid in full.   

  6. Scholarship Header
  7. There is a limited amount of scholarships available to help partially cover the cost of a program or event offered by Parks and Recreation. All information below must be filled out to be considered. Proof of residency and proof of eligibility is required with the application.

  8. Partial Scholarship Applying For*
  9. Family Members Applying for a Scholarship
  10. Race/Ethnicity (please check for each child in the household)*
  11. Ethnicity*

    Please select if any of the scholarship applicants are Hispanic.

  12. Household Characteristics

    Check all that apply.

  13. Proof of residency is required. Please upload one of these documents: current Denton Driver’s license, current Denton utility bill, Driver’s License with Apartment/Housing Lease, Driver’s License with Verification of City of Denton Taxing District on CAD. 

    Failure to upload a correct document may result in your application being rejected. 

  14. Signature

    By signing below, I certify that the information provided is correct. I have read the scholarship guidelines. I understand that my request may be denied. I understand that my scholarship will expire July 31 if not used. I understand that I must reapply for a scholarship each year. I certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

    I also understand that if I do not use the scholarship I have been awarded, that I will provide at least a five (5) business day notice to cancel the scholarship. Failure to do so will result in losing remaining scholarships allocation and the participant will not be eligible for any additional scholarships to PARD programs for two (2) full years.  

  15. SELF-CERTIFICATION INCOME FORM - Required in either English or Spanish

    This program is made possible through the support of the City of Denton Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. CDBG is a federally funded program through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), administered by City of Denton and designed to serve low- and moderate-income individuals. To meet the program national objectives, this data needs to be collected and reported to HUD through the City of Denton. This form is utilized as data and is required to ensure compliance with rules and regulations for the use of these funds.

  16. 2Income is defined as total anticipated annual gross income of all household members expected in the next 12 months including wages, tips, commission, business income, alimony, child support; and Social Security, AFDC, TANF or other benefits) 

  17. Qualifying Income Limits for Federally Assisted Programs

    Look at the table below. Please select what income level reflects your household.

  18. Qualifying Income Limits
  19. WARNING:

    The information provided on this form is subject to verification by HUD at any time, and Title 18, Section 1001 of the U.S. Code states that a person is guilty of a felony and assistance can be terminated for knowingly and willingly making a false or fraudulent statement to a department of the United States Government.


    I certify that I am a resident of the city of Denton and that my family size and annual income level selected above is correct and accurate to the best of my knowledge.  I am aware that I may be asked to provide additional documentation to confirm my selections.


    Este programa es posible a través del apoyo del otorgamiento del programa de CDBG de la Ciudad de Denton. CDBG son fodos de un programa federal a través del Departamento de Viviendas y Desarrollo Urbano (HUD), administrado por la Ciudad de Denton y diseñado para servir a individuos de bajo a moderado ingreso. Estos datos se necesitan ser colectados y reportados a  HUD a través de la Ciudad de Denton para cumplir con los objetivos nacionales del programa. Esta forma se utiliza como datos y se exige para asegurar la complacencia con las regulaciones para el uso de estos fondos.  

  22. 2El ingreso se define como el ingreso bruto anual anticipado total de todos los miembros del hogar que se espera en los próximos 12 meses, incluidos salarios, propinas, comisiones, ingresos comerciales, pensión alimenticia, manutención infantil; y Seguro Social, AFDC, TANF u otros beneficios)

  23. Qualifying Income Limits Spanish

    La información proporcionar en este forma está sujeta a verificación por parte de HUD en cualquier momento, y el Título 18, Sección 1001 del Código de los EE. UU. establece que una persona es culpable de un delito grave y se puede cancelar la asistencia por hacer una declaración falsa o fraudulenta deliberada y conscientemente a un departamento del Gobierno de los Estados Unidos. 


    Yo certifico que soy residente de la ciudad de Denton y que mi tamaño de familia y nivel de ingreso anual selecciondo arriba es correcto y exacto al mejor de mi conocimiento.  Yo soy consciente que pueden pedirme que proporcione documentación adicional para confirmar mis selecciÓn.

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