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Denton Sustainable Schools Enrollment Form

  1. Student Involvement

    We HIGHLY encourage each school to form a Green Team (or similar) that may include the following members: school janitorial, cafeteria, administrative staff, teachers, PTA representatives, etc. Additionally, some schools already have an existing group that champions campus recycling that could lead participation in the program.

  2. Does your school currently have a student group or staff member dedicated to recycling or environmental programs on campus?*
  3. Photo Release:*

    By participating in the Denton Sustainable Schools program you consent to having your photo taken for marketing purposes. 

  4. Required Recycling Audit Reporting:

    Participation in the Sustainable Schools program requires each school to perform audits of their campus recycling container. Please select the best time to meet with our staff for an initial recycling audit training visit at your school. It would be ideal to include members of your janitorial and cafeteria staff if possible. Dates will be confirmed after your registration has been processed. 

  5. Note: Our staff will contact you to confirm meeting availability for the date selected.

  6. Note: Our staff will contact you to confirm meeting availability for the date selected.

  7. Are you interested in signing up your school to be a certified wildlife habitat with the National Wildlife Federation? *

    City of Denton Sustainability will work with you to determine whether your school qualifies and any necessary next steps to turn your schoolyard into a certified wildlife habitat. Certifying your school is free and comes with a free subscription to the National Wildlife Federation magazine along with assistance from the City of Denton Sustainability team.    


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