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Denton offers a bike-share program with 100 bicycles available from VeoRide for public use in the downtown area. The bicycles are parked at several “corrals” in downtown Denton and can be borrowed by using the VeoRide app.

As part of its commitment to sustainability and multimodal mobility, Denton is pleased to offer a bike-share program to its residents. Bicycle sharing offers the benefits of cycling without the hassles of maintenance or storage, and Denton's program has been in place since fall 2018.

Denton’s authorized bike-share provider is VeoRide. Across the UNT campus and downtown Denton, VeoRide has more than 300 bicycles available for use. The bicycles are unlocked and used via a smartphone app. When you’re done riding, remember to park the bike in a safe place where it won’t obstruct sidewalks or driveways.

University of North Texas (UNT) Bike-Share Program
VeoRide is also the provider for UNT’s bike-share program. The bikes you’ll find downtown and the bikes on UNT are interchangeable. You can ride any of the bike-share bikes from UNT to downtown or vice-versa.


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