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The Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) provides bus and rail service that connects residents to schools, shopping, medical centers, Lewisville, and the DART system. In addition to DCTA, SPAN Transit provides rural transportation options for Denton County.

The transit system in Denton is provided by Denton County Transportation Authority. For information on services provided by DCTA, including the DCTA train, call (940) 243-0077 or visit www.dcta.net.

For areas outside of the DCTA service area, SPAN Transit offers transportation options for older persons, people with disabilities, veterans, and the general public. They also provide nutrition education and Meals on Wheels. For information on provided services, call (940) 382-1900 or visit www.span-transit.org.

Who provides public transportation?
The Denton County Transportation Authority is the provider. The City of Denton contributes a half-cent sales tax to DCTA to help support capital and other costs. Two other cities, Lewisville and Highland Village, also contribute half-cent sales tax funds.

Denton County Transportation Authority
(940) 243-0077

SPAN Transit
(940) 382-1900

Transit in Downtown Denton