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The Internal Audit Department’s reporting relationship was established by City Charter Section 6.04 and this department is the City’s independent appraisal function. The Internal Audit Department serves the public interest by providing independent and objective audits, reviews, and assessment. The Department promotes accountability throughout the City.

The Department ensures:
  • The city is applying its resources effectively, efficiently, and economically
  • The city is in compliance with laws, regulations, and policies and procedures
  • The city has adequate safeguards over its assets
  • The city has appropriate revenue management in place
  • The city’s financial and operational information is reliable
Additionally, Internal Audit aids in the prevention and detection of fraud, waste and abuse.

The Department accomplishes its mission by carrying out an annual audit plan that utilizes risk analysis to review critical areas of operations. The Department is committed to adding value at every opportunity.
A summary of the audits and recommendations issued by the Department can be seen in the Internal Audit Dashboard below.


Reporting Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

The City has established a system for residents, employees, and partners to anonymously report concerns and issues related to fraud, waste, or abuse of City assets. Reports may be submitted by using any of the following system options:
Online: www.lighthouse-services.com/cityofdenton
Hotline: (844) 440-0079
Email: reports@lighthouse-services.com
Fax: (215) 689-3885
Anonymous Reporting App from Lighthouse Services: Click here for instructions on how to install and use the app.

Reports are sent directly to the Investigation Committee for review to determine if a formal investigation is warranted. All submissions are confidential, and the identity of the caller will remain anonymous to the maximum extent allowed by law. Reporters can also choose to follow their reported issue through the investigative process.


Audit Reports (English)  Audit Reports (Spanish)

Audit Plans

Analysis Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is on the investigation committee that determines the course of action for a report?
    The investigation committee is comprised of the City’s Internal Auditor and staff members from the Legal and Human Resources departments.
  • How much evidence do I need to make a report?
    The more information you can provide, the easier it is to complete a thorough investigation. Details such as names of people or departments involved, times and dates of the incident, vendor names, and a description of the incident are helpful.
  • How do you decide which audits will be conducted?
    Each year, the Internal Audit Department prepares an annual audit plan based on discussions with City leadership, analysis of the City’s revenues and expenses, and emerging government audit industry trends. This proposed plan is then presented to the City Council for direction and ultimately approved via ordinances. You can see previous Audit Plan Ordinances here.
  • In what languages are audit reports available?
    Currently, all audit reports are written and published in English. Beginning in Oct. 2020, the Internal Audit Department began translating audit report summaries into Spanish. These “At a Glance” summaries can be seen here. If you would like a full audit report translated please email InternalAudit@CityofDenton.com.”
  • What are Analysis Reports issued by the Internal Audit Department?
    Analysis Reports are ad-hoc projects initiated by the Internal Audit Department per City management or City Council’s request. In general, Analysis Reports are intended to evaluate how a City process was applied in a specific instance. This differs from Audit Reports, which typically evaluate City processes and functions in general. Most Analysis Reports are publicly issued and can be found on the Internal Audit page.

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