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A pedestrian-only traffic phase known as an all-walk crosswalk has been implemented at four Downtown Denton intersections for a planned pilot project through spring 2020. The project will test the effectiveness of stopping all vehicle traffic when a walk signal is activated, allowing pedestrians to safely and simultaneously cross an intersection in any direction.
All-walk crosswalks, also known as exclusive-pedestrian intersections, are designed to reduce or eliminate collisions between pedestrians and vehicles. When vehicles have a green light, pedestrians will be stopped. When vehicles have a red light, and the walk button is pressed, pedestrians are permitted to cross, and vehicles are not allowed to make turns.

How to Use an All-Walk Crosswalk

At an all-walk crosswalk, all vehicles temporarily stop, allowing pedestrians to cross an intersection in every direction safely at the same time.

For Pedestrians:
  • Press the "Walk" button to activate the pedestrian-only traffic phase.
  • Cross on the “Walk” signal in any direction.
  • Wait while vehicles are moving.

For Drivers:
  • Wait while pedestrians are moving.
  • Turn right or left on the “Green” light.
  • No right turn on “Red” light. 


All-Walk Crosswalk Locations

All-walk crosswalks are implemented at these intersections:

Pilot Project 

The downtown square locations are part of a 6-month pilot project to determine the effectiveness of the exclusive pedestrian phase at these intersections to reduce or eliminate potential collisions between pedestrians and vehicles.
These intersections were selected because of their high pedestrian volumes, and high rates of turning vehicles.

The pilot program aligns with the City’s vision to improve safety for all modes of transportation in the downtown area and City wide.

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