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Message From Chief Kenneth Hedges
As Chief of the Denton Fire/Rescue Department, I am honored to lead a team of dedicated professionals that reach out to our diverse community, partnering to prevent emergencies. When emergencies do occur, our firefighter/paramedics respond in a hurry and make a positive difference. Our compassion reflects our pride in our rich traditions, along with our training and preparation for the challenges of the future. The members of the Denton Fire/Rescue Department are at your service! Safe. Competent. Committed.

Kenneth Hedges, Fire Chief

About the Fire Department
The Denton Fire/Rescue Department was founded in 1874 as an all-volunteer force. Today, we are staffed by 191 professionals with fire stations across the city. The department is responsible for fire suppression, fire prevention and education, emergency medical services, and disaster preparedness. We are continuously working to improve the quality of the services we provide to the citizens by aggressively training. The EMS Continuing Education Program provides monthly training that meets or exceeds requirements prescribed by the Texas Department of Health. Our staff is always looking for new technology or training that may be used by our front-line personnel to reduce loss of life and property.