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The Denton Fire/Rescue Department has 8 stations located throughout the City of Denton to provide responsive service to residents in the event of an emergency. Learn more about the stations and their operations below.

image of fire stations locations map
  • Fire Station 1
    Fire Station 1, also known as Central Fire Station, opened at its current location in 2003. It is the fifth central fire station since the founding of the Denton Fire/Rescue Department in 1874. The building was once home to Denton’s first power plant and has been completely renovated to house many of DFD’s administration and emergency operations center, along with being a working fire station.

    Central Fire Station is Denton’s largest fire station and is home to a medic unit, an engine, and a truck company. The on-duty battalion chief also runs out of the Central Fire Station bringing the minimum daily staffing to ten personnel.

    Central Fire Station also houses the heavy rescue apparatus, which is staffed by the truck company, to carry specialized equipment for confined space, trench, structural collapse, and high angle rescue operations. All personnel assigned to Station 1 are required to be trained in these rescue disciplines.

    The Station’s response district encompasses downtown Denton, including the Square, Southeast Denton, the Oak & Hickory Street Historical district, and TWU.

    Central Fire Station is also the location of the Denton Firefighters Museum. The Museum, which is in the foyer on Hickory Street, houses firefighting artifacts from Denton’s past with instructional displays showing the equipment and operational advancements of firefighting.

    image of station one

    Image of engine one

    image of station one logo

  • Fire Station 2

    Originally located at 1515 N Elm St., Fire Station 2 has served the citizens of Denton proudly for more than 80 years. The original Station 2 building closed in 1970 in order to strengthen manpower at the other stations (1 and 3); however, in 1978, Station 2 reopened at the corner of McKinney Street and Mockingbird Lane to address the growing population of Denton. After almost 40 years of service, that building was replaced with the current Station 2 in 2017, which is still located at the same intersection of McKinney Street and Mockingbird Lane. 
    Station 2 houses a variety of apparatus, which includes:
    •    Engine 2
    •    Medic 2
    •    Brush 2
    •    Command/Rehab bus
    •    Swift water rescue boat
    •    Reserve Engine 12
    •    Reserve Medic 12

    To operate the frontline Engine and Medic units, a crew of five to six firefighters staff the apparatus in three different shifts (A, B, and C Shift).

    image of station 2 logo
  • Fire Station 3
    Fire Station 3, located at 1204 McCormick St. near I-35E, was built in 1971 and is now the oldest operating fire station in Denton. A new Station 3 is in the early development stages and is expected to be completed by 2021. Station 3serves the University of North Texas, industrial park, Denton Enterprise Airport, several miles of interstate highways, single and multi-family dwellings, Denton Presbyterian Hospital, and other areas. Station 3’s specialty is Aircraft Rescue Firefighting.

    Station 3 houses a variety of apparatus, which includes:
    •    Engine 3
    •    Medic 3
    •    Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF 3)

    Station 3 is a very busy station that takes pride in providing various emergency services for our citizens.

    image of Fire Station 3 crew
    image of station three logo
  • Fire Station 4
    Denton Fire Station 4 protects the northeast area of Denton.  District 4 is roughly north of University Drive and east of Locust Street extending in both directions to the city limits and into some of unincorporated Denton County.

    The original station 4 was built in the 60’s and proudly served for over 50 years.  Its crew moved across the street to New Station 4 in June 2018.  The new station provides much needed room for additional apparatus and crew and is also designed with an emphasis on efficiency and firefighter safety. 

    District 4 has begun to experience rapid growth that is mostly residential.  With this growth, call volume has increased and will continue to do so.  The room for additional crew and the addition of Medic 4 couldn’t have come at a better time to serve Denton’s citizens for the next 50 years.
    Station 4 is staffed with 5-6 personnel and is home to:
    • Engine 4 – 2012 Pierce Velocity Pumper
    • Medic 4 – 2018 Dodge Frazer Ambulance
    • Brush 4 – 2006 Ford Wildfire Brush Truck
    • UTV 4 – 2011 Kubota Combination Wildland/Special Event EMS
    • Two reserve apparatus
    Old Station 4 has been repurposed to store and provide Uniforms and Protective Clothing for the entire Fire Department.  The three station Captains have been assigned Quartermaster duties and keep Denton’s Bravest uniformed and protected with state of the art firefighting gear from head to toe.

    Image of the old station four firehouse
    image of station four

    image of station four with engine four

    image of station four logo

  • Fire Station 5
    Fire Station 5 is located at the intersection of Bonnie Brae Street and Windsor Drive in North Lakes Park. The station serves the northwest corner of the city. The station was built in 1990 and dedicated to Chief Jack Gentry for his many years of service with Denton.

    Station 5 houses a variety of apparatus, which includes:
    •    Quint 5
    •    Medic 5
    •    Brush 5
    •    Hazmat 5

    Fire Station 5 is always staffed with six firefighters, with each firefighter being hazmat technician training ready to respond to hazardous materials incidents in the City of Denton.

    image of Fire Station 5

    Image of fire station five crew
    image of station five logo
  • Fire Station 6
    Fire Station 6 opened in 1993 to serve the citizens of southeast Denton. Station 6 serves three hospitals, multiple doctor offices, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, Golden Triangle Mall, general retail, residential homes, seven schools, and multiple industrial facilities.

    Station 6 houses a variety of apparatus, which includes:
    •    Engine 6
    •    Medic 6

    To operate the frontline engine and medic units, a crew of five firefighters staff the apparatus in three different shifts (A, B, and C Shift).

    image of Fire Station 6

    image of Fire Station 6 crew
    image of station six crew
    image of station six crew geared up
  • Fire Station 7
    Fire Station 7, located at 4201 Vintage Blvd., officially opened for service on April 30, 2007. Station 7 sits on the north side of the Fire Department’s Training Facility. This station’s primary response district covers the southwest areas of the City of Denton, which runs down I-35W from the I-35 split to Denton’s southern city limits and surrounding areas.

    Station 7 houses a variety of apparatus, which includes:
    •    Engine 7
    •    Medic 7
    •    Brush 7
    •    Hazardous Materials Decontamination Vehicle and Trailer (DECON 7)
    •    Bomb Squad Response Vehicle (EOD 7)
    •    Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

    Station 7 is currently staffed with a minimum of five personnel. These five personnel primarily staff Engine 7 and Medic 7. Additional apparatus located at Station 7 includes one of the Department’s brush trucks (Brush 7), a hazardous materials decontamination vehicle and trailer (Decon 7), and the Department’s large bomb squad response vehicle (EOD 7).

    Some additional functions performed at Station 7 include the Department’s Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) maintenance program, Breathing Air Cascade System management, and assistance to any training being conducted at the Fire Training Facility.    
    Image of Fire Station 7

    image of Fire Station 7 vehicles
  • Fire Station 8
    Fire Station 8 is an ambulance-only “station” that’s actually a converted classroom building behind Medical City Denton. The City and the hospital developed a partnership in 2016 to increase service to the residents and businesses in southeast Denton in the Mall/South I-35E/Mayhill/hospital district. A full-time ambulance, Medic 8, went into service Jan. 1, 2017. Property was purchased the same year from Medical City Denton along Colorado Boulevard near Brinker Road.

    Station 8 houses a single vehicle:
    •    Medic 8

    The City has started working on a design for a  new 2-bay 8,500 square-foot station that will house a fire engine and ambulance with a 5-person crew. Construction should begin Fall 2019 with an anticipated opening date in Fall 2020.

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