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Since 1873, municipal peace officers have been serving the Denton community with pride and a dedication to the safety of all citizens. From an original single officer to a current complement of 183 sworn personnel and 47 non-sworn support employees, we remain true to our fundamental purpose: protection of life and property, law enforcement, and public service. 

The Denton Police Department (DPD) has evolved into a diverse group of professionals, who together as a team, work with a unity of purpose. We are community-oriented and proactive in our approaches to effective policing. We seek evidence-based solutions to recurring crime problems and we strive for excellence in our performance. We are committed to improving the quality of life for all citizens through reductions in crime, disorder, and the fear of crime. To achieve these ends, we seek to form partnerships that will assist us in the identification and resolution of problems.
At the DPD, we envision a community whereby all citizens feel safe, valued, and free to pursue their own vision of happiness. We understand that there will always be those who threaten the safety of others and that our primary purpose is to effectively deal with those individuals. However, we are committed to the principles of procedural justice and the respectful treatment of all persons, including those who carry out injurious acts on others.
As the City of Denton continues to grow and diversify, DPD is poised to meet the emergent challenges head-on thereby postively impacting the quality of life for all.  We will remain flexible, approachable, and always willing to listen to the viewpoints of others as we constantly seek to maximize community safety throughout Denton.   

image of rank structureThe Denton Police Department operates with a rank structure that assures a clear organization of duties, responsibilities, and assignments. The rank structure also allows for the efficient flow of information to those persons who can directly affect any matter throughout the Department.