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Responsible pet ownership is governed by a framework of humane laws and policies to ensure the protection of both pets and residents. The City of Denton Animal Services enforces both City ordinance (Chapter 6 ordinance) and State animal laws (Health & Safety Code, Chapter 821-829).

Pet Registration

Per sec 6-14 – All dogs, cats, or ferrets over four months of age are required to be registered with Animal Services. The owner is required to provide current rabies vaccination certificate, issued by a licensed veterinarian. Click here to download the pet registration form.

All animals registered with the City will be issued a tag that should be worn by the animal at all times. In the event that your pet is lost the tag and microchip can assist with the reunification.

 City Registration Fees  
Sterilized Pet with Microchip $0
Sterilized Pet $4
Not Sterilized Pet $25

Local Animal Laws

State Animal Laws 

Health & Safety Code, Chapter 821-829