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Summer 2019, the City of Denton approved a new ordinance relating to special events. We're committed to helping you navigate the new special event permit application process and developed the Event Planning Guide to help you wrap your head around the new ordinance.

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Jennifer Eusse, Special Events Supervisor
Denton Civic Center, 321 E. McKinney St.

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Special Event Permit Application

  • Special Event Permit Application

    Please save the PDF prior to sending and do not complete it from your browser. The City's Special Event Supervisor will work with staff to review each application individually.

    Select One Event Specific Application:
    Special Event Permit Master Application (great for large events)
    Special Event Permit Closed-Race Course Application
    Special Event Permit Parade Application
    Special Event Permit Park Event Application
    Special Event Permit Block Party Application

  • Deadlines and Fees

    Deadlines listed are prior to the event start date.

    Application without City Council Request(s)
    Special Event Permit Application Fee: $30
    Application Deadline: 60 days

    Application with City Council and/or Park Board Request(s)
    Special Event Permit Application Fee: $30
    Application Deadline: 90 days

    Park Property Secuity Deposit
    Deposit Fee: $100
    The park deposit is applied to secure an event date on park property and is refunded pending no damages to City park property. Please secure dates as early as possible to prevent the loss of opportunity. This only applies to events on park property.

    Vendor Permit Fee, due no less than three days
    The Vendor Permit is a single-day permit to sell or do business on park property during a festival, event, or rental. The Vendor Permit fee and form are to be collected by the event organizer if the event has more than five vendors/booths. The event organizer will then submit the forms and a single payment to the City. The permit is not a standalone permit forvendors to do business in the parks outside of a festival, event, or rental. ​$25 for-profit; $15 non-profit.

    Temporary Food Permit, $35 due no less than three days

    The Temporary Food Permit is required for each vendor serving and/or selling food, other than prepackaged food.

    Fire Operational Permits, due no less than 30 days
    • Tents, Canopies, Temporary Structures Permit, $35
    • Places of Assembly Permit, $200​
    Downtown Parking Lot Rentals, due no less than 60 days
    • McKinney Street Parking Lot Rental Request, $50
    • William Square Parking Lot Request, fees vary per request

Special Event Ordinance Highlights
  • Accessibility Expectations
    Event organizers are required to comply with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

    All venues, structures and activities shall be accessible to persons with disabilities including, but  not limited to, the first aid station, parking, clear paths of travel (to and from, and inside the event), restrooms, seating, signage, drinking fountains, transportation and access to vendors.

    If all areas are not accessible, directional signage or a map or program must be provided to attendees indicating the location of accessible restrooms, parking, drinking fountains, etc. Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and all amendments are the responsibility of the organizer. 
  • Public Safety Expectations
    Site Plan and Public Safety Plan
    Preparing for an event is a critical part of the planning process and the details on your application and all other requirements are essential to public safety.
    Parades, Fun Runs, and Other Street Closure Requests
    Parades and other street closure requests require the approval of both the Police and Street Departments. If there is an impact on traffic and/or public safety, they will require a Traffic Control Plan (TCP). All reasonable alternative routes, times, and locations will be considered to provide the lowest costs for event organizers

    Traffic Control Plan (TCP)
    A TCP must be developed by a licensed traffic control professional, engineer, or in accordance with the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Only a Denton Police Officer, Denton Parking Enforcement Officer, or other sworn law enforcement officer can control traffic and give direction on City rights-of-way.  
  • Trash and Recycling Expectations
    Identify and Select a Trash and Recycling Strategy
    Staff will help you select the strategy that will best serve your event based on the size and type of event.

    Self-Haul using park trash and recycle containers already on-site:
    • Use containers already in City parks, ready for use.
    • Sort non-container recyclables such as cardboard and haul to a drop-off site.
    • Event organization is responsible transporting trash to on-site dumpsters.
    Self-Haul using the free, portable ClearStream® containers:
    • Use the Container Loan Program and dispose of bags at a drop-off center.
    • Sort non-container recyclables such as cardboard and haul to a drop-off site.
    • Event organization is responsible for hauling bags to on-site dumpsters or drop-off sites.
    • Event organization is responsible for returning the containers to the Solid Waste Department.
    City-Haul using fee-based City services:
    • Use fee-bsed solid waste and recycling services that includes delivery/haul of dumpsters.
    • Solid Waste staff will help determine if fee-based services are needed and/or required.
    • Fees are based on the annual schedule of fees.
    Self-Haul ClearStream® Loan Program | No Cost Portable Containers
    The number of recyclable containers must be equal to the number of trash containers, 1:1 ratio. Event organizers can submit the ClearStream® Loan Form provided on the application that includes picking up and returning the containers Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m., at Solid Waste & Recycling, 1527 S. Mayhill Rd.

    Self Haul Post-Event Disposal and Drop-off Sites
    Drop waste and recyclables in an on-site blue recycling dumpster or at recycling drop-off center.

    Location Option #1: Resource Recovery Park located at 1525 S. Mayhill Rd.
    Location Option #2: North Lakes Park Recycle Center located at Windsor Drive at Hinkle Drive.
  • Insurance Requirements
     All Public Events Require Insurance
    The City may increase the amount of insurance required based upon the type of event, attendance, provision of alcohol, and other factors or risks. Event organizers must furnish the City with a certificate of insurance complying with minimum standards sufficient to protect event attendees, the general public, and City-owned property per the Special Events Ordinance and as outlined below:
    • $1,000,000 per Occurrence General Liability
    • $1,000,000 per Occurrence Liquor Liability
    • Public events on City property require insurance coverage
    • City of Denton must be listed as “Additional Insured”

Noise and Alcohol Provisions
  • Amplified Sound at Special Events
    Noise Ordinance for Outdoor Events
    An Outdoor Music Festival with amplified sound should not exceed 70 dba at the established perimeter of the event. An Outdoor Music Festival is defined as any form of musical entertainment provided by live performances if:
    • More than two 200 people are in attendance at any one performance; 
    • The event requires paid admission; or
    • Any of the performers or performance are not within a permanent, enclosed structure; 
    • Any of the performance involves the use of amplified sound.
    How to know if you need an exception to the noise ordinance:
    • Requires City Council’s Approval if: Amplified sound Monday-Saturday, after 10 p.m. 
    • Requires City Council’s Approval if: Amplified sound over 70 db
    • Requires City Council’s Approval if: Amplified sound is anytime on Sunday 
    • Requires City Council’s Approval if: Amplified sound over 65 dba on Sunday
    Please refer to the above scenerios that apply to your event when submitting a Letter of Request for City Council’s approval.
  • Alcohol at Special Events

    Sale or Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages on Park Property:

    • Only permitted for events;
    • Only permitted at Quakertown Park, Civic Center, North Lakes Park, & North Lakes Annex;
    • Requires application, Liquor Liability and General Liability Insurance, TABC permit;
    • Requires Park Board approval in the form of a City Council recommendation;
    • Requires approval from City Council;
    • Requires final written approval in the form of an ordiance and City Agreement.

    Sale or Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages for Public Events on Private Property:

    • Only permitted for events;
    • Requires written permission from property owner;
    • Requires application, Liquor Liability and General Liability Insurance,  and TABC permit;
    • Requires approval from City Council;
    • Requires final written approval in the form of an ordiance and City Agreement.
    Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC)
    Event organizers must comply with requirements set forth by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). Please contact Beth Gray at (940) 349-2877 with questions regarding alcohol at special events:

    Insurance Requirements, in addition to Commercial General Liability Insurance 
    Special event organizers who request to sell or serve alcoholic beverages or otherwise make it available to the public, on City-owned property, must provide Liquor Liability (Dramshop) Insurance or Host Liquor Liability coverage by the alcoholic beverage license/permit holder, in an amount of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence.
  • Letter of Request
    Applications seeking City Council and/or Park Board approvals require a Letter of Request at least 90 days in advance of the event.

    Reasons include but are not limited to:
    • Requests to sell, distribute and/or consume alcohol in a City park.
    • Requests for exceptions to the Noise Ordinance.
    • Requests for City in-kind co-sponsorship.
    A Letter of Request needs to describe the purpose of the event, a summary and history of the event, and details of what is being requested for City Council’s approval.