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Beginning August 2021, the Denton Parks and Recreation Department will begin selling hunting permits for the 2021-2022 season. Nearly 60 percent of Clear Creek’s nearly 3,000 acres is designated as a wildlife management area, which is where hunting is allowed – more info below.

VISIT US: Denton Civic Center, 321 E. McKinney St. Denton, TX 76201
EMAIL US: ClearCreek@cityofdenton.com
CALL US: (940) 349-8272

2021-2022 Open Seasons

  • Hunting season begins Sept. 1 and extends through May 31. To view hunting season details, visit the Parks Catalog page.
  • Hunting is prohibited at the Collins Road or Hartlee Field Road areas.
  • Seasons: Sept. 1-Oct. 31: Dove and feral hogs; Nov. 15-Jan. 2: Turkey and waterfowl; Feb. 1-May 31: Feral hogs and small game (rabbits and squirrel)
  • Youth-only Hunt Weekends: Oct. 30-31 (turkey and waterfowl; Jan. 8-9 & 15-16 (turkey and waterfowl)

Permit Information

  • Hunting is limited to permitted hunters only
  • Permits can be purchased through the City of Denton Parks and Recreation Department beginning Aug. 23, 2021
  • Resident permit fee: $30, Nonresident permit fee: $50
  • Hunting permits will be issued online on a first-come, first-served basis
  • To purchase a permit, visit the Parks Catalog page. An account is required to purchase one.

Hunting Requirements & Restrictions

  • Legal game is dove, feral hogs, waterfowl, turkey, and small game. Deer hunting is prohibited.
  • A hunting license issued by the State of Texas is required.
  • All hunters must have completed a state approved hunter education course or have been exempted by the Texas Parks and Wildlife department prior to being issued a City of Denton Hunting permit.
  • Hunters must display a City of Denton vehicle permit on the dashboard of their vehicle while hunting on Denton project lands.
  • Motorized Vehicles of any kind are not allowed on US Army Corps of Engineer property.
  • Hunters must wear at least 400 square inches of hunters orange material when hunting and are also required to wear some type of orange head wear. Hunters exempt from this requirement are: persons hunting turkey, waterfowl, or migratory birds.
  • Non-bark penetrating tree stands, as well as temporary free-standing blinds such as towers, platforms, tent-style, and natural blinds are allowed. However, each blind, regardless of use, must be completely removed from the land or water upon completion of each hunting day.

Means and Methods Restrictions

  • Muzzleloaders, Rifles, and Pistols are NOT allowed. Trapping is prohibited.
  • Archery (including crossbows) only for feral hogs, all other legal game may be taken with a shotgun using shot size no larger than #2
  • Non-toxic shot is require when hunting waterfowl.
  • Calls may be used for legal species listed but must follow state and federal regulations.

Bag Limits

Parking: Any hunter blocking emergency access gates or driveways is subject to having hunting permit revoked.
It is the hunter’s responsibility to observe property lines and be aware of the boundaries of the hunting area he or she uses. In addition, hunting or shooting within 600 feet of homes, developed parks is prohibited.  Reminder: It is illegal to shoot across both roadways and property lines. Hunting is restricted to the property east of the Elm Fork of the Trinity River and setback from Greenbelt boundary is 100 yards.