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The City of Denton’s Green Business Program is an engagement platform designed to raise awareness about sustainable business practices and to encourage the adoption of best practices. Participants will utilize a combination of Denton Green Business marketing materials, City-provided resources, and information shared across the Denton Green Business network in order to achieve their sustainability goals. The program is in the early stages, so download the Denton Green Business Program Application and complete the steps below to get started!

Step 1- Sustainability Benchmarking 

  • Know your current sustainability status
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Receive your score and title
Step 2 – Sign the Green Pledge
  • Commit to conservation
  • Utilize City resources including energy and water audits
  • Take advantage of City sponsored educational opportunities
Step 3 – Community Engagement
  • Green Business Program marketing materials
  • Social media involvement
  • Consider offering facility tours to showcase your sustainable initiatives 
  • Compete against your fellow green businesses in community conservation events
Denton Green Business participants will receive the benefits of reputation, savings, well-being, and environmental stewardship. To join the program, complete the Denton Green Business Application and follow instructions for submission. If you have questions about the application or would like more information regarding the program, please contact the Conservation Program Coordinator at (940) 349-7733 or at james.douglas@cityofdenton.com.