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The City of Denton offers curbside collection for yard waste and brush. Proper curbside collection keeps this reusable material out of the landfill.

Yard Waste Collection

As of Oct. 1, 2019, yard waste is a subscription-based service that customers must opt-in to receive service. Yard waste includes grass clippings, leaves, and weeds that are placed in kraft bags or carts. Customers may opt-in using one of the two options below.
  • Cart service: Purchase a $20 Cart (one time purchase. Customers may have multiple carts) with a $0.50 monthly service fee. Customers with carts can also put out an unlimited number of yard waste kraft bags at no additional charge.
  • Kraft yard waste bags: Place an unlimited amount of kraft paper bags at curbside for a $1 monthly fee. You may purchase 30 gallon kraft bags at a local hardware or retail store. Plastic bags will not be picked up.
Added Benefits of A Yard Waste Collection Subscription
  • Brush (less than four cubic yards): As an enhanced benefit of yard waste collection service, opted in customers will no longer need to contact Customer Service to schedule brush collection for piles under four cubic yards (about the size of four washing machines), as they will be collected on the scheduled collection day in addition to carts and kraft bags.
  • Vegetative Waste: Raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables may be placed in your cart or kraft bags for yard waste collection. This includes, peelings, ends, tops, cores, skins etc.
  • Coffee Grounds: Loose coffee grounds may also be placed in your yard waste collection.
To opt-in to yard waste service, call Customer Service at (940) 349-8700.

Brush Collection

Tree and brush limbs are collected once a week on your curbside collection day. Four cubic yards (about the size of four washing machines) of brush will be collected per week at your monthly service rate. For customers who have opted in to yard waste collection service, piles less than four cubic yards do not need to be called in or scheduled. An additional charge will apply for more than four cubic yards. This material will be used by the Beneficial Reuse Division to make Dyno Dirt.

Follow these steps for convenient brush removal:
  • Call Customer Service at (940) 349-8700 at least one day prior to your collection day to schedule brush collection.
  • Brush and tree limbs should be cut to 4 ft to 8 ft lengths and stacked into one pile with the cut end toward the street.
  • Brush should be at the curb by 7 a.m. on your collection day and at least four feet away from carts or other objects.
  • Do not place brush in your trash, recycling cart.
  • Four cubic yards (about the size of four washing machines) of brush will be collected per week as part of your monthly service rate. Additional fee will apply for more than 4 cubic yards.
Additional fees will apply to excess brush more than 4 cubic yards. Residents and non-residents may also deliver clean yard waste to the City of Denton Landfill at 1527 S. Mayhill Rd.; fees will apply.

Leaf Pickup

  • Two free leaf pick-ups per year: All residential customers, even those who haven't opted in to yard waste services, can schedule two leaf pick-ups per year by calling (940) 349-8700. A maximum of 25 plastic bags will be collected per pick-up. For these pick-ups only, residents may use plastic bags for the leaves, which will be managed as bulk waste and disposed of in the landfill. 

New Automatic Phone Line for Yard Waste

The Customer Service Department has introduced a new, self-service option for Solid Waste pickup requests, available in English and Spanish. Customers can skip the lines and wait time to get things scheduled in minutes by calling the automated phone line: 
(940) 349-8740

Through the automated phone line, you can: 

  • Opt-in to the yard waste program (kraft bags or brown carts)
  • Opt-out of the yard waste program
  • Schedule a collection for more than four cubic yards of yard waste brush (about four washing machines)
  • Schedule a collection for no more than 25 plastic trash bags of leaves twice a year
If your collection day is: Request yard waste collection by:
Monday Sunday
Tuesday Sunday
Wednesday Monday
Thursday Tuesday
Friday Wednesday