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Denton Municipal Electric (DME) is a not-for-profit, community-owned, and locally controlled retail electric service provider. DME is a vertically integrated utility, meaning it owns and controls  generation, transmission, and distribution facilities that provide reliable power to the citizens of Denton.

  • Commercial Rates
    Commercial rates consist of three components: Base + Energy

    The Base Rate is made up of the Facility Charge, Usage Charge, and Demand Charge, if applicable.

    Facility Charge – fixed monthly rate that recovers costs associated with customer service, metering, meter reading, billing, and accounting.

    Usage Charge – fixed rate based on kWh that recovers costs associated with poles, substations, lines, and equipment needed for delivery.

    Demand Charge – fixed rate based on the maximum kW recorded in any 15-minute interval during the billing period. Demand Charge is applied only to General Service Medium, General Service Large, and General Service Time Of Use.

    The Energy Cost Adjustment or Energy Rate is a variable rate charged per kWh to recover costs associated with generation and fuel.

    Commercial Rates Class Thresholds
    General Service Small Maximum Demand of 21 kW
    General Service Medium Maximum Demand of 240 kW
    General Service Large Minimum Demand of 250 kVA
    General Service Time Of Use Minimum Demand of 250 kVA
  • Developers
    All electric utility installations within Denton Municipal Electric’s service territory shall be in compliance with the DME Electric Service Standards. To ensure your development is within the Denton Municipal Electric service territory, please see the Electric Certification Map.

    Development Standards documents required by Denton Municipal Electric:


Billing Questions (Customer Service)
(940) 349-8700 or Customer.Service@cityofdenton.com

Report an Outage (Dispatch)
(940) 349-7000

Building Safety
(940) 349-8360 or Building@cityofdenton.com
Solar Questions
(940) 349-7595 or Solar@cityofdenton.com

Rebate Questions
(940) 349-7733 or Rebates@cityofdenton.com