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Here are the steps for the development review and project application process for the City of Denton. 

NOTICE: The City of Denton is has upgraded software and consolidated the customer portal to a single solution in eTRAKiT. ProjectDox will no longer be used for uploading plans. An eTRAKiT training guide can be found here. If you have any questions, please email us at development@cityofdenton.com or call (940) 349-8360.

NOTICE: The Development Services Department has modified project submittal schedules effective July 1st. The updated schedules are shown under the Resources heading on this page. This change was made in order to allow additional time for completeness review, a more thorough review of plans, and for applicants to make any necessary corrections to plans prior to the next review. 

The Planning and Zoning Commission is now conducting hybrid meetings with both  in-person and virtual participation. For hybrid meetings, public comments can be made in person, over the phone during the meeting, or by completing Virtual White Card prior to the meeting. For more information, please visit the Public Meetings page

In response to the rise of local COVID-19 cases, the City of Denton Development Services Department has modified the extent to which facilities are open to the public. Whenever possible, staff will be encouraged to conduct meetings with members of the public and development community virtually. In-person deliveries and meetings with City staff will be limited to an appointment only basis. To request an in-person appointment, please email Building@cityofdenton.com or call (940) 349-8360. Please note that appointment hours may be revised based on the volume of requests received.
Please check this webpage regularly, information will be updated as the situation develops.

Development Review Process 
Please select the development process stages below for additional information on the specific requirements for each step of a proposed development project.

  • Step 1: Feasibility
    All applicants are strongly encouraged to request a pre-application conference. During these meetings, applicants will be assigned a development facilitator who will serve as their primary point of contact for the duration of the projects. Pre-application conferences help applicants to navigate the development process and provide an overview of the development process and application requirements. 

    Click here to request a pre-application conference. 

    To request a Utility Will Serve letter for your project, fill out and submit the completed Will Serve Letter Checklist. Email the completed checklist and a vicinity map or site plan as PDF documents to PlanningTechnicians@cityofdenton.com. You will receive an email confirmation of your request. Once confirmation is sent, a completed letter will be sent 5-10 business days later.
  • Step 2: Applications (Click Here for Checklists)
    All applications submitted for review require fee payment and must be accompanied by all items listed in the applicable project checklist. Late fee payment and missing application items may result in delayed submittal review. Applications are accepted online and in person. If submitting application in person, please deliver to 401 N. Elm St.

    Applications are only accepted on specific submittal dates. Please select the appropriate submittal schedule (located under “Helpful Documents” on this page) when preparing and submitting your applications.

    The checklists below outline the required materials for each application type. All development review applications require an owner authorization form, a link is provided below. Applicants will receive details on required application types during their pre-application conference. 


    Click here for all applications.

    Development Application - Required for All Applications

    Owner Authorization Form - Required for All Applications

    Tree Inventory and Mitigation Worksheet


    NOTICE: The City of Denton is has upgraded software and consolidated the customer portal to a single solution in eTRAKiT. ProjectDox will no longer be used for uploading plans. An eTRAKiT training guide can be found here. If you have any questions, please email us at development@cityofdenton.com or call (940) 349-8360.

    ways to pay your application fee:
    • Online through E-TrakIT.
    • Over the phone by calling (940) 349-8360.
    • In person at the Development Services Center, 401 N. Elm St.

    Please note, all fees must be paid in order for staff to continue processing your development review submittal. If you miss the deadline, your initial development review request will be deemed incomplete.

  • Step 3: Pre-Construction
    The Pre-Construction phase includes the submission and approval of Development Contracts and the Pre-Construction Meeting where City staff provides applicants with clear direction on remaining requirements to construct. 

    For most projects, once the final plat is approved, your assigned development facilitator will contact you to schedule a pre-construction meeting. Once your development contracts have been fully executed and all impact fees have been paid, your notice to proceed will be issued so that permitting and construction can begin.

    Development contracts include three-way agreements and hold-harmless agreements for public improvements associated with the project. The development contract guide and templates are linked below. Please contact your development facilitator for additional information.
  • Step 4: Permitting, Construction, & Inspections
    Once building permits are issued, construction commences and inspections are conducted by both Public Works Inspections and Building Inspections. Applicable information requests are responded to and change orders are reviewed and approved. 

    At the conclusion of this stage, final walk-throughs will be scheduled to ensure all punch list items have been addressed.

    Click here for additional information on permitting.

    Inspections conducted by the Building Safety Division for structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and final inspections should be scheduled online using the eTRAKiT Inspection Request Portal.

  • Step 5: Project Completion
    Inspectors conduct final site inspection and acceptance of public infrastructure followed by submission of As-Built Drawings. Public Works Inspections will issue a final project completion letter to the applicant and Building Safety will issue the Certificate of Occupancy. 

General Development Considerations

For general development feasibility questions related to land use, zoning, landscaping standards, tree code requirements, and platting, please call the main Development Services number at (940) 349-7716 or email at PlanningTechnicians@cityofdenton.com.

New Public Infrastructure Construction Documents

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