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Development Code & Criteria Manual

Development in Denton is a shared goal. Note that the Municode version available online may not reflect recent Code amendments for your development plan. Refer to the Recent Code Amendments section on this page for a list of code amendments since the last Municode update.

Subchapter 1: Preamble, Purpose, Application and Enforcement
Subchapter 2: Official Maps
Subchapter 3: Procedures
Subchapter 4: Boards, Commissions and Committees
Subchapter 5: Zoning Districts and Limitations
Subchapter 6: Specific Uses
Subchapter 7: Special Purpose and Overlay Districts
Subchapter 8: Group Homes
Subchapter 9: Manufactured Homes
Subchapter 10: Sexually Oriented Businesses
Subchapter 11: Nonconforming Uses
Subchapter 12: General Regulations
Subchapter 13: Site Design Standards
Subchapter 14: Parking Standards
Subchapter 15: Signs and Advertising Devices (REPEALED)
Subchapter 16: Subdivisions
Subchapter 17: Environmentally Sensitive Areas
Subchapter 18: Land Disturbing Activities
Subchapter 19: Drainage Standards
Subchapter 20: Transportation
Subchapter 21: Water and Wastewater Standards
Subchapter 22: Gas Well Drilling and Production
Subchapter 23: Definitions
Subchapter 24: Electric Standards

2016-056 - Electric Substations and Switch Stations
2015-233 - Gas Well Ordinance
2015-219 - Craft Alcohol Production
2015-008 - Sign Regulations
DCA17-0011 Subchapter 17 - Environmentally Sensitive Areas
DCA18-0003a – Parking Requirements
DCA18-0001a – Mixed Use Development Requirements
DCA17-0011 – Subchapter 17 Environmentally Sensitive Areas
2017-288 – Medical Uses
2017-186 – Self Service Storage
2017-071 - Periphery Development Annexation Criteria

Chapter 33 - Signs and Advertising Devices

The following manuals detail the specific design characteristics of various elements in the development process. Questions for any of these design manuals should be directed to the department that would supervise the regulations.

  • Engineering: Transportation, Drainage, Water/Wastewater
  • Planning: Site Design, Applications
  • Building Inspections: Construction

Connectivity Component - Mobility Plan
Construction Criteria Manuals
Denton Central Business District
Stormwater Design Criteria Manual​
Site Design Criteria Manual
Solid Waste Criteria Manual
Transportation Criteria Manual
Water and Wastewater Criteria Manual

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