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Criteria Manual Update

The City of Denton is updating its criteria manuals and other codes now that the 2019 Denton Development Code is updated. While the Denton Development Code provides the zoning regulations and design standards for development in Denton, these other documents provide the technical detail about how a site and building must be built. These updates are in preparation for providing the community clear expectations for developing and permitting in Denton and will updated annually in the future.

The City of Denton is seeking your feedback on the following draft criteria manuals and codes. Please provide any feedback you have in the comment form at the bottom of this page.

2019 Proposed Criteria Manuals
Administrative Criteria Manual
Construction Criteria Manual
Environmentally Sensitive Area Criteria Manual
Solid Waste Criteria Manual
Standard Details Sheet
Stormwater Design Criteria Manual
Transportation Criteria Manual
Water and Wastewater Criteria Manual
Manuals & Codes in Progress
Food Code - In Progress
Building Code - In Progress
Fire Code - In Progress

Adoption Timeline
Public Comment Period – September 23 to November 30
Developer Town Hall – November 4
City Council Work Session – November 12
Planning and Zoning Commission Public Hearing (Recommendation) – December 11
City Council Public Hearing (Consideration) – December 17
To view current criteria manuals, please visit https://www.cityofdenton.com/en-us/business/development-review/code-criteria-manual.