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Denton Development Code Update

Denton Code 2030 is our ongoing effort to update, revise, and rewrite the Denton Development Code, or DDC. The DDC sets the requirements for what, where, and how much can be built in Denton. The update to the DDC will address a variety of issues raised in the City’s comprehensive plan, Denton Plan 2030, including a new lineup of zoning districts to facilitate implementation of the Land Use section of the Plan and updated development and design standards that address the layout, look, and feel of both new development and redevelopment.

Since the DDC outlines the rules and processes that regulate where and what type of development may occur throughout Denton, Denton Code 2030 can have a significant impact on Denton residents and businesses. As we update the DDC, we are keeping our focus on customer service. Through the DDC we are building a strong foundation for all development in Denton, including aligning the DDC with state statutes and tailoring development standards to better fit with the context and area in which the developments are occurring. We are also working to create alternatives for development, which adds more flexibility during implementation. And, we are making sure we protect existing neighborhoods and coordinate our efforts throughout Denton.

A consolidated draft is current under development and will be available in January 2019. For more information on the DDC update, please view the video below.

Zoning Map
Zoning Districts are the way the city ensures that the physical development of land and the kinds of uses allowed on each individual parcel are consistent with the City’s vision. The City’s official Zoning Map shows the Zoning District on each parcel. Zoning regulations specify the areas where residential, commercial, industrial, or recreational activities may occur. Zoning regulations also specify standards such as minimum lot dimensions, minimum setbacks, maximum height, and lot coverage. As part of the DDC Update, the City is proposing a new lineup of Zoning Districts that will require that the City’s official Zoning Map be amended. The City has prepared a draft Zoning Map that consolidates, renames, eliminates, and creates new districts. The most recent zoning map is still under construction but will be available soon.

Criteria Manuals
Criteria Manuals detail the specific design characteristics of various elements in the development process. In addition to the update to the DDC, the City of Denton has been in the process of updating various other criteria manuals and design standards in preparation for providing the community clear expectations for developing and permitting in Denton. Below are links to updated criteria manuals and design standards that have been adopted. New criteria manuals are still in development so please check back here as links will be added to the updated manuals soon.

Stormwater Design Criteria Manual - March 2018
Transportation Criteria Manual - March 2018
Food Code - In Progress
Building Code - In Progress
Fire Code - In Progress
Development Review Criteria Manual - Upcoming

To view current criteria manuals, please visit https://www.cityofdenton.com/en-us/business/development-review/code-criteria-manual.