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Denton Development Code Update

The City of Denton has recently approved the 2019 edition of the Denton Development Code following years of work by staff and elected officials, and considerable input from the Community. A copy of the 2019 Development Code can be found under “Helpful Resources” to the right. The 2019 edition, while not effective until Oct. 1, 2019, may be used by applicants for new projects.

Major changes in the 2019 edition of the Denton Development Code include:

  • Simplified development processes.
  • Landscape and Conservation standards that regulate tree and landscape requirements.
  • A neighborhood meeting requirement to increase transparency in the development process and provide neighborhoods the opportunity to ask questions and discuss projects.
  • Simplified zoning categories and better alignment of zoning districts with surrounding areas.
  • Greater flexibility in the application of requirements outlined in the Code.

While the approval of the Code has been completed, Development Services staff continue to work on other initiatives related to city initiated rezonings and updating criteria manuals. If you have any questions about the new development code, please contact Development Services at development@cityofdenton.com or 940-349-8541.

City-Initiated Zoning Changes
The City of Denton is initiating zoning changes for certain properties following the April 23 adoption of the 2019 Denton Development Code (DDC). These changes are being proposed in order to:

  1. Enhance the compatibility of the properties’ land use with their surrounding areas;
  2. Align the zoning of the selected properties with the future land use identified in the Comprehensive Plan; or
  3. Correct zoning non-conformities created by the adoption of the 2019 DDC.

Notices were provided to the owners of the affected properties, and to properties within 200 feet of that, of a proposed zoning change. Additionally, courtesy notices were sent to properties within 500 feet of a proposed zoning change. A schedule of the zoning change public hearing dates for Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council is shown below:

P&Z Public Hearing Dates Council Public Hearing Dates Number of Areas Number of Parcels General Location
May 29 June 11 24 155 I-35E
June 26 July 16 23 529 I-35N, US 380, and Loop 288
July 10 Aug. 6 TBD TBD US 377, Teasley, and Neighborhood University Compatability Areas

If you received a notice and have questions, you can contact the City of Denton Development Services Department at development@cityofdenton.com or by calling (940) 349-8541.

Criteria Manuals and Other Codes
In addition to the update to the Development Code, the City of Denton is updating its criteria manuals, design standards, and other codes. While the Denton Development Code provides the big picture of development in Denton, these other documents provide the detail about how a building must be built, what fire prevention equipment is necessary, etc. These updates are in preparation for providing the community clear expectations for developing and permitting in Denton and will updated more frequently in the future. Documents are still in development so please check back here as links will be added to the updated manuals and codes soon.

Stormwater Design Criteria Manual - March 2018
Transportation Criteria Manual - March 2018
Stormwater Design Criteria Manual - December 2018
Water and Wastewater Criteria Manual - December 2018
Food Code - In Progress
Building Code - In Progress
Fire Code - In Progress
Development Review Criteria Manual - Upcoming

To view current criteria manuals, please visit https://www.cityofdenton.com/en-us/business/development-review/code-criteria-manual.