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Denton Development Code Update

The City is in the process of updating, revising, and improving the Denton Development Code. The Code sets the requirements for what, where, and how much can be built in Denton. The update includes standards for the layout, look, and feel of new development, and includes new zoning categories and zoning map.

What's Changing?
Major changes upcoming in the updated Code include:

  • Simplified development processes.
  • Landscape and Conservation standards that regulate tree and landscape requirements.
  • A neighborhood meeting requirement to increase transparency in the development process and provide neighborhoods the opportunity to ask questions and discuss projects.
  • Simplified zoning categories and better alignment of zoning districts with surrounding areas.
  • Greater flexibility in the application of requirements outlined in the Code.

It is essential to review and revise the Code as our community grows and changes, adapt to the new developments arising in Denton, and include industry best practices. You can help implement the City's comprehensive plan and vision for the future.

Who is Impacted?
Current property owners
will be impacted as the updated Code could change what may be built near you and the requirements for those buildings.

The development community will be impacted by the chage in zoning, allowed uses, and development requirements. 

How Can I Provide Input?

  1. Attend the upcoming public meetings. 
    Monday, March 18
    6 p.m.
    Denton Civic Center
    321 E. McKinney St.
    Thursday, March 21
    6 p.m.
    Denton Civic Center
    321 E. McKinney St.
  2. Sign up for the email list to receive updates.
  3. Email us at development@cityofdenton.com with any questions or comments.

Criteria Manuals and Other Codes
In addition to the update to the Development Code, the City of Denton is updating its criteria manuals, design standards, and other codes. While the Denton Development Code provides the big picture of development in Denton, these other documents provide the detail about how a building must be built, what fire prevention equipment is necessary, etc. These updates are in preparation for providing the community clear expectations for developing and permitting in Denton and will updated more frequently in the future. Documents are still in development so please check back here as links will be added to the updated manuals and codes soon.

Stormwater Design Criteria Manual - March 2018
Transportation Criteria Manual - March 2018
Stormwater Design Criteria Manual - December 2018
Water and Wastewater Criteria Manual - December 2018
Food Code - In Progress
Building Code - In Progress
Fire Code - In Progress
Development Review Criteria Manual - Upcoming

To view current criteria manuals, please visit https://www.cityofdenton.com/en-us/business/development-review/code-criteria-manual.