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Districts and Uses

Included in Subchapter 3 are the new proposed zoning districts. In an effort to streamline the DDC and better align it with the Denton Plan 2030, we are proposing to decrease the number of zoning districts from 35 in the current DDC to 14 in the proposed DDC. Additionally, Subchapter 3 addresses general regulations in each zoning district, such as minimum lot area, maximum lot coverage, and maximum building height. Subchapter 5 addresses the types of uses permitted in each zoning district. Here you will see whether a specific use is permitted by right, requires a specific use permit (SUP), permitted with use-specific standards, or is not permitted in a zoning district.

Proposed DDC
Subchapter 1: General Provisions 
Subchapter 2: Administration and Procedures 
Subchapter 3: Zoning Districts 
Subchapter 4: Overlays and Historic Districts 
Subchapter 5: Use Regulations 

Subchapter 6: Development Standards 
Subchapter 7: Subdivision Regulations 
Subchapter 8: Definitions 


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