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Welcome to the City of Denton’s Building Safety Division, part of the Development Services Center. Building Safety monitors compliance with City building codes, ordinances and amendments. The division is responsible reviewing building plans, issuing building permits and performing inspections in all aspects to verify compliance with building codes. These codes are designed specifically to ensure the safety of the structure.

Located at 215 E. McKinney St.
Hours of operation Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Accepting Visa, MasterCard, Discover, checks, and money orders.

***NOTICE: The eTRAKiT portal is now available. You will need to change your password to login. Click here for instructions on how to change your eTRAKiT password.***

Permit Process
Most work within the City of Denton requires a permit. This page is dedicated to walking residents and contractors through the permit process, from start to finish. We know that applying for a permit can be a confusing process, and we hope to make it as easy as possible.

  • STEP ONE: Research the necessary permits
    Whether you are a resident or contractor, you will need to know what type of permit to apply for and the information needed in order to apply. 

    Visit our Residential and/or Commercial pages to learn all about the permit(s) you will need to complete your project. Here you will find applications, submittal requirements, ways to submit, fee information, and inspections required, for each type of permit for which you may be applying.

    If you need further assistance, you can contact us at (940) 349-8360 or visit us at the Development Services Center.
  • STEP TWO: Apply for your permit
    Most permits can be applied for one of two ways, with a few exceptions.

    A.    Apply Online: Applying online allows you to apply from the comfort of your own home. On the right hand side of our Residential and Commercial pages you will find APPLY ONLINE, which links to our online application site.

    1.  New users should create a public login.
    2.  Contractors can log in using the PIN number given upon registering with the City.
    a.  Simply select “Contractor” from the login drop-down
    b.  Then select your company name from the second drop-down.
    c.  If you’ve lost your PIN number give us a call.
    3. Confused? See our Online Application User Guide, with pictures and simple step by step instructions.
    4. Once logged in, fill out and submit the online permit request application.
    5. Your permit request may now be complete. Note that not all permit requests require the submission of plans. To determine the next step, look for one of two emails:
    a.  Email 1: If your permit does not require plans, this email will let you know your permit is ready to be paid for, issued and printed.
    b.  Email 2: If your permit does require plans, this email will be an invitation to upload your plans online. Go to STEP THREE.

    B.    Apply In Person: Submit an application to the Development Services Center. You may also need to submit paper plans. You can determine this by visiting the Residential or Commercial pages and finding the type of work you will be doing. If your permit requires plans, go to STEP THREE.

    Please Note: Not all permits may be applied for with paper plans. New Residential Construction, Irrigation and all Commercial building permits are required to be submitted online.
  • STEP THREE: Submit your plans
    As mentioned in Step two, you can submit your plans one of two ways, online or with paper plans, with a few exceptions: New Residential Construction, Irrigation and all Commercial building permits are required to be submitted online; this lets us review your permit quickly and efficiently.

    For all other permits:

    A.  Paper Plan Submittal: Determine the number of paper copies of your plans that you are required to submit for your project. You can do this by visiting the Residential or Commercial pages and finding the type of work you will be doing. When you have determined the correct number of copies, submit your plans, along with your permit, to the Development Services Center.
    B.  Online Plan Submittal: If you have received an email invitation to upload your plans online, your permit request requires plans. If it’s your first time applying for a permit online, this email will also contain a temporary password. To submit your plans: 
    1. Is this your first time navigating the Online Plan Submittal site? See our Online Plan Submittal User Guide with simple, easy-to-read instructions and step-by-step pictures. 
    2. Login with your temporary password and upload the appropriate plans for your permit.
    3. Once you have uploaded the plans, follow the steps below to inform the City that you have finished submitting documents. 

    a.  Go into Workflow Portals on ProjectDox. b.  Complete the Applicant Upload task. For detailed instructions, see the   Online Plan Submittal User Guide.4.  If you get lost at any point along the way, give us a call (940) 349-8360, or come to the Development Services Center -- we would be happy to walk you through the process.

    Whether you chose in-person or online, you have successfully submitted your permit! Your permit is now being reviewed.
    Review times vary by type of work, so make sure you check your email periodically for a message from your Plans Examiner regarding your permit status. When you receive that email, go to STEP FOUR.

  • STEP FOUR: Check your review comments
    You have now received an email informing you that your permit has been reviewed and either: 
    A)  Your permit has been approved. Go to STEP FIVE.B)  Your permit has not been approved and your plans will require revision. Choose one of the options below to review the comments on your plans and submit revisions. 
    Option 1: Visit our Online Plan Submittal site. 
    a. Click on your Permit Number b. and find your review comments on your documents. c. Based on review comments, complete plan revisions.d. Submit revised plans by returning to the Online Plan Submittal site, clicking on your permit number, and uploading the revised plans to the “Revisions” folder. 
    Note: Please keep your revised file names the same as your originals.
    e. You will again receive an email informing you either that your plans require further revision (Repeat STEP FOUR), or that your permit has now been approved (Go to STEP FIVE).
    Note: For a step-by-step walk through on how to view your review comments and how to submit your revisions, see our Online Plan Submittal User Guide
    Option 2: If you submitted paper plans, your Plans Examiner will email you a copy of your review comments. Once you have your revisions prepared, submit them to the Development Services Center.
  • STEP FIVE: Obtain your permit
    Your permit has been approved!

    Note: In order to proceed, remember that all contractors must be registered with the City of Denton to perform work. A permit cannot be issued until all contractors are registered. For homeowners performing their own work, registration is not required.
    It’s now time to pay for and obtain your permit. There are two options for completing these steps.

    A)  In Person: Visit the Development Services Center to pay for your permit in person. We will print you a copy of your permit. 
    B)  Online: Pay for your permit online through our Online Application site. After paying for your permit you will be given the ability to print your permit. If you submitted paper plans, you will need to visit us to get a copy of your approved plans. If plans were submitted online, it’s up to the applicant to print the approved plans out of the Approved Plans and Approved Supporting Docs folders on our Online Plan Submittal site.
  • STEP SIX: Obtain your Approved Plans
    Next obtain your approved plans.  Based on your method of plan submittal, proceed to one of these two options:

    A)  Submitted Plans Online: Print your approved plans from of the “Approved Plans” and “Approved Supporting Docs” folders on the Online Plan Submittal site. See the Online Plan Submittal User Guide for more detailed instructions.
    B)  Submitted Paper Plans: Building Inspections will give you a copy of your stamped and approved plans when you pay for your permit.
    Then, ensure that a copy of your permit and approved plans are onsite and available for review at all times during the course of your work.
  • STEP SEVEN: Schedule your inspections
    If you’re here it means you’ve started work. 

    Different permits require different inspections, but know that all permits require inspections -- even water heaters. 

    To schedule the appropriate inspection(s), follow these steps.
    1. Determine which inspection(s) to schedule. If unsure, go back to STEP ONE and find the information related to your permit on our Residential and/or Commercial pages. These pages detail the required inspections for each permit type. If you’re still unsure which inspections to schedule, feel free to call us at (940) 349-8360.
    2. Determine scheduling method, based on whether you are a homeowner or contractor:
    a.  Homeowner: You have two options for scheduling your inspection. You can call us at (940) 349-8360 to schedule your inspections.  Or, if it’s more convenient, you can schedule your inspections online through our Online Application site. Simply find your permit number and click on schedule an inspection!
    b.  If you are the contractor, you are required to schedule your inspections online through our Online Application site. Find your permit number and schedule your inspection(s). If you need assistance with the process, there are multiple options:
    i.  Access the Online Application User Guide for pictures and simple, step-by-step instructions. 
    ii. Call Building Inspections at (940) 349-8360 and we will be happy to walk you through the process.
    If you happen to be in the area, you can also stop by and schedule your inspections in person.

    Once you’ve completed all your inspections, your building inspector will final (or close out) your permit. You have officially completed the process! Congratulations!

Contractor Registration
The City of Denton requires all contractors to be registered to perform work. Registration is required yearly. Generally, the expiration date coincides with the date on the contractor’s master license. For Contractors who do not require a license, including General contractors and Sign contractors, expiration is one year from the date of registration.

For a list of all contractors required to register and registration fees, see the Contractor Registration Application.

Registration can be done in a number of different ways. 

  1. Email a completed Contractor Registration Application and all required documents (listed on the application) to Building@cityofdenton.com.
  2. Register in person at the Development Services Center.

It is preferred that first time registration be done in person by visiting our office. However, if the license holder is unable to come in person, a notarized letter must be included with the registration application and the other required application documents. This letter should state why the license holder is unable to come in person, and who is authorized to register on his or her behalf. 

Example: If Jane Doe is emailing us a copy of John Doe’s registration application, the letter should state something along the lines of “I, John Doe, authorize Jane Doe to register on my behalf.“
Note: We also request that with all registrations, the license holder provide us a short list of people authorized to pull permits on his or her behalf.

For a list of all our inspections see our Inspections List
Please be aware of our Cold Weather Concrete Policy.

Additional Documents​

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can schedule inspections?
    Contractors are required to schedule their inspections online through eTRAKiT, this may also be done by visiting the office. Homeowners may schedule inspections by calling the office at (940) 349-8360.
  • When does my permit expire?
    Permits expire 180 days after issuance. When an inspection occurs the permit will renew for an additional 180 days.
  • Do I need a permit to replace my fence?
    Any time new posts are being installed/replaced – a permit will be required. Minor repairs, such as the replacement of a few pickets, do not require a permit.

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