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Alarm System Permits

An alarm permit is required for all alarm systems operated within the City, both monitored and non-monitored audible alarms. The permit is good for one year from the month of issue and costs $5 annually. Please complete an application and submit it to the City of Denton Police Department located at 601 E. Hickory St., Suite E.

Download the application form

Fire Permits

View all fire permit information on the Fire Prevention page.

Gas Well Permits



The Public Works Department is pleased to announce that all application, review and inspection processes for utility provider’s ROW construction activities will soon be automated.

Right-of-Way (ROW) Permits are a crucial component in managing safe and effective use of City streets and sidewalks during utility construction activities. These permits allow the City to coordinate with utility providers on excavation and temporary traffic control necessary to access and maintain their utility system; providing effective service delivery while maintaining public amenities and transportation infrastructure. The permits also facilitate oversight of ROW construction work by the Public Works Inspection Division, which enforces the ROW Construction Management Ordinance and restoration standards.

Anticipated Timeline:

  • In Spring 2021, applications for municipally owned utilities (only) will be received online in e-TRAKiT.
  • In Summer 2021, all applications will be received online in e-TRAKiT.
  • Additional information will be provided as access to the upgraded system becomes available.

Utility representatives are invited to attend a monthly, reoccurring utility coordination meeting hosted by the Public Works Department to discuss their ROW projects and any questions or concerns about the upcoming migration to e-TRAKiT. Meetings are currently conducted remotely with Microsoft Teams.
Contact Haley Salazar to RSVP at Haley.Salazar@cityofdenton.com
ROW Construction Management Ordinance
Development Services Fee Schedule

Solicitors and Itinerant Merchant Permits

Solicitors, handbill distributors, and itinerant merchants are required to obtain a permit to conduct such business within the city limits. The Denton Police Department reviews these applications and issues the permits. To obtain a permit, bring the completed application and $10 fee to the Denton Police Department at 601 E. Hickory St.. If you have additional questions, the Records Division of the DPD can be reached at (940) 349-7973.

Download the application form.

Wireless permits

Wireless Permits are for construction work by wireless providers for installation of wireless facilities and small cells or 5G infrastructure within public Right of Way (ROW).

This permit process was established in accordance with Chapter 284 of Texas Local Government Code, enacted by the State of Texas on September 1, 2017, which allows for the installation of small-cell facilities on existing, new, and municipally-owned structures within the ROW.
Within the City of Denton, most wireless equipment is installed with the appearance and function of a streetlight pole. Small-cell facilities are typically comprised of network nodes, antennas, wireless equipment, and underground fiber transportation facilities.

  • Wireless Utility Registration
    Before applying for permits, the network provider or agency seeking to install wireless or small-cell facilities must register with the City of Denton. Registration by a network provider must be completed by a representative of an accredited wireless utility company, and not a sub-contractor.

    To submit a registration request:
    1. Review the Utility Provider Registration Form, in the link below, and prepare the required documents and information.
    2. Submit a completed Utility Provider Registration Form and required supporting documentation to Public Works Inspection thru Central Square or deliver to the Development Services Center at 401 N Elm Street, Denton, TX 76205.  Registration must be completed and submitted by the wireless utility company, and not a contractor.
    3. Receipt of complete registration requests will be confirmed upon delivery, with a full review and written response sent to the applicant within 30 business days. Contact Public Works Inspection if you do not receive a confirmation of submission within two business days, as no response will be considered a submission failure and/or denial of the request. 
    4. The wireless utility company is responsible for updating registration information:
      1. Annually, prior to January 2
      2. Within 30 days of any change, and prior to applying for permit.
    5. After registration is complete and accepted by the City, an E-911 address must be secured for each proposed small-cell location:
      1. Create a site map of the future small-cell location, indicating its placement in relation to the surrounding addresses, streets, easements, ROW, and other markers.
      2. Submit the site map to Angela.Adams@cityofdenton.com, and request an E-911 address.
      3. Include the E-911 address in the title block of plans that will be submitted for review and permitting.
  • Wireless Permit Application
    A Wireless Permit is applicable whenever the utility’s construction activity requires any of the following within the ROW:
    • Excavation
    • Installation of new facilities
    • Use of temporary traffic control devices
    A registered wireless provider may apply for a Wireless Permit by:
    1. Complete the wireless application form (found under Wireless Permit Resources on this page).
    2. Collect the supporting documentation and required information indicated on the form based on the permit type.
    3. Complete the application step in Central Square and upload the required documentation.
    4. Reconcile application fees, as on the fee schedule.
  • Review Timeline
    Complete applications will be reviewed in accordance with the timelines set forth in Texas Code:
    • Within 21 days for fiber transport facilities
    • Within 60 days for network nodes
    • Within 150 days for node support poles
    Applications for relocation of an existing wireless facility will be reviewed within the timeframe equivalent to a new installation.

    Applications for repair/replacement of existing wireless facilities, disconnection of service, and temporary traffic control will be reviewed within 10 business days. An expedited review of two business days may be requested for more urgent repairs of existing facilities by contacting Development Services upon application at (940)349-8360.

    Reference the fee schedule for applicable fees.
  • Inspections

    The wireless provider and/or contractor must schedule inspections in Central Square once a Wireless Permit has been issued to allow Public Works Inspection evaluation of the work activities for compliance with the conditions of the permit, city code, and city standard specifications.

    A ROW Inspection Process document is available below with additional instruction on the timing and scope of required inspections, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.
    Request safety, forms, or final inspections for an issued ROW Permit online in Central Square.

  • Emergency Notification
    Emergency repairs may be conducted prior to permit application in response to an event that may threaten public health or safety such as an unexpected or unplanned outage, cut, rupture, leak, or other failure of a utility’s existing system which prevents or significantly jeopardizes their ability to provide critical service to customers, or could result in danger to the public if the system is not immediately repaired, controlled, stabilized, or rectified.

    Emergency repairs require immediate notice to the Capital Projects Department and may only be conducted by a registered wireless company.
    • Wireless companies will be provided with a link for emergency notification upon registration.
    • Within two business days from commencing an emergency repair, a formal permit application must be submitted in Central Square.
    *** Call (940)349-7000 to report a municipal utility incident in the ROW that requires immediate attention, such as a power outage, downed electrical poles or wires, a water main break, a clogged or overflowing sewer main, or a leaking water meter or hydrant. ***

Wireless Permit Resources