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Solicitations & Contracting

Materials Management is a department of the Procurement and Compliance division, comprised of Purchasing and the Distribution Center, and is housed at the City's Service Center.

About Us
The Materials Management department is made up of two groups: Purchasing and the Distribution Center. The Purchasing department manages the procurement of goods and services for the City and is responsible for assisting all City departments in the solicitation and contracting of various goods and services needed to serve Denton residents. The Distribution Center provides inventory management of various parts used by field personnel to repair and install new infrastructure to City-owned utilities and services. In addition, the Distribution Center manages the disposal of surplus or obsolete goods and the distribution of internal mail.

The Materials Management department’s mission is to employ professionalism and continuous improvement principals to achieve the following:

  • Stewardship of funds for the taxpayers by obtaining best value, mitigating risk to the organization, and being professional in performing duties.
  • Provide professional procurement services to internal customers to meet their organizational needs in a timely manner.
  • Utilize best practices in procurement while complying with internal and external statutes, policies, and procedures.
  • Create a fair environment for vendors to foster business relationships and competition for goods and services.
  • Provide a professionally managed inventory system to ensure goods are available when needed for internal departments to meet ratepayer and taxpayer needs.

Food Vendor Application
The City of Denton utilizes qualified local vendors to provide food services for a variety of City programs, events, and meetings. Businesses may complete the Food Vendor Application for the opportunity to be added to a list of pre-approved food vendors. Submitting an application does not guarantee that a business will be added to the list, nor does it guarantee food purchases by the City of Denton.

Businesses may submit a Food Vendor Application here.

Vendor (Supplier) Registration

Our goal is to make doing business with us as easy and convenient as possible.

To reach suppliers and contractors and to assure the quality and economy desired, the City of Denton Purchasing Department offers an in-house electronic bidding and supplier-management system, eBid. This system enables us to improve our service to you by providing automatic bid notification and instant access to bid information via the web. Suppliers wishing to participate in the electronic bidding process may register their company for this free service.

Registration by vendors is encouraged to ensure access to current and upcoming opportunities. 

Please direct questions to the City of Denton Purchasing Department at (940) 349-7100 or via email.

Distribution Center
The Distribution Center manages maintenance, repair, and construction inventory used by field personnel to maintain, repair, and install new infrastructure to City-owned utilities and services.

The link below is a comprehensive list of the inventory managed by the Distribution Center and approved manufacturers.

The City has implemented a pre-approval process for substitution commodities currently managed by the Distribution Center. The commodity approval forms can be obtained in the link below and must be submitted via email to whse@cityofdenton.com.  Supporting documentation must be submitted for review by Materials Management, Engineering, field crews, and the applicable department management. Testing may be required and may take substantial time to review.

Standard Terms, Conditions, and Policies

The procurement of goods and services for the City is guided by the City Charter, state law, ordinances, administrative directives, policies, and procedures. The following are key requirements that may be applicable to doing business with the City:


Interlocal Agreements and Cooperative Purchasing

Interlocal agreements are contracts between the City of Denton and other governmental entities which are used to provide or to purchase various products and services. The governing body shall authorize an interlocal agreement according to Texas Attorney General’s Opinion.

The City has numerous term contracts for the procurement of various products and services. In accordance to Texas Local Government Code 271.102, other governmental entities may utilize or “piggyback” on the City’s contracts containing a cooperative contract provision. Each entity will directly order its own products and services from the vendor under the established contract pricing.


Vendors who transact business with the City will be treated equally and in a manner, which follows good business practices, professional ethics, and the requirements of law. All prospective solicitation respondents shall be given identical information. The specifications, terms and conditions, and general provisions of all solicitations will be prepared in a language familiar to suppliers and in a manner that will encourage competitive bidding.

No Gift Policy

City of Denton employees are not allowed to accept gifts from vendors. This includes paying for meals. If you customarily send a token of appreciation to your customers, the City asks that you do not send any item to City employees or offices.

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