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The Denton City Council adopted the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Priorities below on February 23, 2021. These priorities serve as a foundation for budget development and primary staff focus for the upcoming fiscal year. The below page provides information and a status on each priority, updated as of June 17, 2021.

Additionally, the City Council adopted a list of Additional Items to be included in the organization's Work Plan for FY20/21 and FY21/22. A report of those items, including status, can be found here (updated 6/17/21). 

2020-2021 Priorities

  • Implement Economic Development Strategic Plan
    The Economic Development Strategic Plan is meant to help focus economic development efforts to be more strategic and effective in responding to forthcoming changes in Denton. The plan’s framework, including guiding principles and goals are detailed in the next section. Strategic recommendations and actions are organized around three goals: accelerate recovery, foster growth, and strengthen community inclusion. Finally, the plan addresses the issue of organizational capacity and resources needed to modernize Denton’s economic development approach.
    Economic Development Strategic Plan Implementation Next Steps Anticipated Time line
    Council discussions regarding funding of the catalyst fund will be held as part of the FY 21-22 budget discussions. Completed (Video)
    Draft catalyst fund policy. Summer/Fall 2021
    Research and drafting program parameters for the programs outlined in the Strategic Plan. Ongoing - Likely to be presented to City Council in Fall 2021
    Continue with strategy implementation per implementation matrix. Ongoing
  • Develop Loop 288 Building to Serve Individuals Experiencing Homelessness
    In Spring 2020, the City Council provided direction to staff to purchase a facility located at 909 N. Loop 288 for a co-located day center and overnight shelter to provide services to people experiencing homelessness or at-risk of experiencing homelessness. The City took ownership of the facility in August 2020. The City has entered into a professional services agreement with an architect for design services to renovate the facility and accommodate the proposed use and day-to-day operations.
    909 N. Loop 288 Building Development Next Steps Anticipated Time line
    Present and receive direction from City Council on concept plan and rough budget/time line. Complete
    Finalize concept, issue architect amendment, begin construction documents, issue construction RFP. In progress - June 2021
    Preconstruction gather stakeholder input, begin procurement process, develop 100% Construction Documents, perform budget validation, develop final budget & schedule. July 2021
    Construction of facility. Fall 2021 - Fall 2022 
    • On April 21, 2020 City Council authorized the City Manager to enter into a contract for the purchase of the property at 909 North Loop 288 for the purchase price of $5,200,000.00, authorizing the expenditure of funds in the cash amount of $3,395,000.00 towards the purchase price and accepting the donation value of the property from seller of $1,805,000.00. (Ordinance No. 20-837)
    • On June 16, 2020, the City Manager signed the Second Amendment to the Contract for Sale, extending both the Absolute Review Period and the Closing Date.
    • On June 23, 2020, the City Manager signed the Third Amendment to the Contract for Sale, again extending the Absolute Review Period and the Closing Date.
    • On June 30, 2020 (Ordinance No. 20-1235), the City Manager signed the Fourth Amendment to the Contract for Sale to allow the current owner to address the City's concerns and for the owner to compete remediation of issues including:
      • (1) all leases shall have been terminated and tenants shall have vacated the property;
      • (2) all roof repairs needed on the Property shall be completed; and
      • (3) asbestos remediation of the Property shall be completed. inspected and reported.
    • In August 28, 2020 the City took ownership of the facility.
    • On Oct. 6, 2020, City Council approved a professional services agreement with Kirkpatrick Architecture Studio for the design services of 909 N. Loop 288 to renovate the facility and accommodate the proposed use and day-to-day operations (Ordinance ID 20-1951).
    • On Nov. 10, 2020, City Council adopted an ordinance to change the zoning district and use classification from Suburban Corridor (SC) to a Public Facilities (PF) Zoning District for this property (ZCI20-0001).
    • On Feb. 16, 2021, City staff presented to City Council in a work session an overview of key terms for a draft Management Services agreement with The Junction and a project update (ID 21-056).
    • On April 05, 2021, City staff presented to City Council in a work session regarding the proposed design, construction budget and timeline, and construction method for the 909 N. Loop 288 facility and a general project update. During the meeting City Council provided.
    • Using a two-step selection process (RFQ to RFP), on April 12, 2021 the City opened the bidding process with an RFQ for Construction Manager at Risk for the Loop 288 Project. Qualified vendors have been invited to complete the RFP, issued on June 10, 2021. Interviews for final selection are scheduled for July 6, 2021.
  • Undergo a Comprehensive Plan Update
    The City’s Comprehensive Plan is the long-range plan for the City’s growth, development, and redevelopment. Because it is based on local conditions and trends, it is intended to be updated periodically to coordinate the efforts of many different aspects of a community, such as land use, transportation, community facilities, and natural resources. The City will be undergoing an update to the Comp Plan in 2021 and has hired a consultant to assist in this effort.
    Comprehensive Plan Update Next Steps Anticipated Time line
    First Community Workshop Completed (Video)
    Second Community Workshop Completed (Video)
    Third Community Workshop Completed (Video)
    In-person Community Workshop Late July/Early August 2021
    Present Draft Updates during City Council Work Session Late Summer 2021
  • Develop a Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Strategy
    The purpose of a Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Strategy is to consider the external factors that impact recycling and diversion in north Texas, and evaluate opportunities to manage residential, multifamily, and commercial waste in a more environmentally and fiscally efficient manner.

    The City of Denton is undertaking the development of a comprehensive solid waste management strategy that will provide the vision and framework to guide future activities related to:
    • Landfill disposal reduction and/or elimination, zero waste philosophies, and waste material diversion
    • The promotion of ingenuity in reuse and recycling opportunities
    • The alignment of federal and state regulations with local solid waste reduction goals and practices
    • The composition of residential and commercial waste streams
    • The creation of a robust construction, building, and operational environments/markets that support solid waste reduction goals (innovation)
    • Other waste management activities assigned to local government
    Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Strategy Next Steps Anticipated Time line
    Develop a focus group of community stakeholders. March 2021
    Hold focus group sessions. Complete (Video)
    Evaluate data and prepare draft of strategy. Ongoing, Summer 2021
    Present draft report to City Council, Public Utilities Board, and Council Committee on the Environment for consideration and feedback. Incorporate feedback where appropriate. Summer/Fall 2021
    Presentation of final strategy document. Fall 2021
  • Develop an Affordable Housing Strategy
    Throughout 2020, the City engaged with consultants to perform an Affordable Housing Assessment to analyze the state of affordable housing in Denton. A presentation was given to the City Council on February 2, 2021 to present the findings, and included:
    • Project Overview
    • Key Findings
    • Affordable Housing Needs
    • Market Value Analysis
    • Looking Forward: Affordable Housing Tools
    Initiated Phase 2 (expected FY 2020-21) to Develop an Affordable Housing Strategy and Toolkit. Items from this strategy would potentially be considered by City Council as Supplemental Budget Requests during the FY21-22 budget cycle.
    Affordable Housing Strategy Next Steps Anticipated Time line
    Project kickoff (Amending contract with Affordable Housing Assessment consultant) Complete
    Stakeholder engagement In progress - Summer 2021
    Private Market analysis Spring/Summer 2021
    Priority Strategy and Tools are identified Summer 2021
    Present draft plan to City Council July 2021
  • Complete Mobility Plan
    The Mobility Plan is a study and strategy to address citywide transportation, including vehicles, transit, bicycles, and pedestrians, for years to come. Multiple departments are contributing to this plan update with data collection and analysis, coordination of multiple public meetings, and development of the plan. Staff is currently updating the strategy to complete the Mobility Plan to ensure alignment with the new Denton 2040 Comprehensive Plan.
    Mobility Plan Next Steps Anticipated Time line
    Staff review of draft Mobility Plan, incorporate all comments received through Public Input sessions, coordinate plan with the Comprehensive Plan update and TxDOT/NCTCOG proposed projects. Ongoing

    Present draft Mobility Plan to City Council for feedback.

    Note: The Capital Projects/Engineering and Development Services Departments are developing  a revised strategy to finalize the 2021 Mobility Plan. Staff will provide details on this revised strategy in an upcoming Friday Report.

    Incorporate City Council feedback and adopt final Mobility Plan. TBD
  • Improve Capital Project Planning and Communication
    Capital Projects will continue to work on improvements by implementing project management software and alternative delivery methods to ensure that the City is receiving best pricing, consistent quality, and that the projects are completed on schedule. An interdepartmental team (Public Works, Tech Services, and Public Affairs) is also working diligently to implement a comprehensive, interactive CIP map to provide residents with additional details on the location and timing of both upcoming and projects that are currently under construction.
    Capital Project Planning and Communication Next Steps Anticipated Time line
    Staff is currently updating the project management manual which, once adopted will serve as the standard to ensure all City construction projects are delivered consistently with standards for internal and external coordination and communication. The manual will also help facilitate the planning process. Fall 2021 
    Implementing new Project Management software system, which will serve as a key tool for project planning, financial management, and project oversight. The current plan is to focus on horizontal (utility/roadway/sidewalk) projects with the ultimate goal to have this system serve as an enterprise project management solution. Fall 2021
    Coordination between Capital Projects and Public Affairs staff to launch the Discuss Denton interactive feature to further engage residents on the status of major capital projects. To pilot this new feature, staff has prepared and launched pilot information on the All-Way Crossing Project. Capital Projects is working with Public Affairs to develop Discuss Denton pages for all major capital projects and will also serve as a companion to the new CIP map that is currently in development and is projected to have a preliminary launch in summer 2021 with additional, interactive features available in fall 2021. Winter 2021
    Staff is also continuing to refine the quarterly CIP updates to City Council, the quality and type(s) of content included in the biannual Construction Guide, and finding new ways to improve internal coordination & communication on projects through geographic and targeted meetings to facilitate cross-departmental dialog.  Ongoing
  • Develop Plan, Including Architectural Design, RFP Strategy, and Funding Options for City Hall West
    In July 2017, the City engaged the historical architectural firm, Architexas to assist with the proposed renovation of the 1927 City Hall known as City Hall West. The firm was charged with completing an assessment of the facility and to develop three preliminary conceptual designs with a cost analysis of each concept. The report produced detailed the building’s current condition and originally presented these options for the scope of work. Video of consultant's recommendations can be found here.

    City Hall West sustained significant water damage during Winter Storm Uri. Freezing temperatures caused a fire sprinkler line to leak and flood the entire building. Staff is coordinating water damage remediation with both Risk Management and Safety.

    Since that time, the windows in the building have been replaced, but no other construction has occurred. Staff will develop a full plan to renovate the building for Council consideration.

    Update (7/2/21): Unfortunately, progress on City Hall West was delayed because of the winter storm damage to the building. Mitigation is expected to be completed in the next 4- to 6-weeks. Because of the current conditions, and potential design team members are unable to enter the building, which makes it more difficult to develop a submittal package. Staff expects to be able to advertise a request for information (RFI) once the mitigation is complete.
    City Hall West Renovation Next Steps Anticipated Time line
    Advertise a formal request for Information (RFI) to identify interested parties and levels of interest. Fall 2021
    Responses from the RFI will assist staff in identifying partners, proposed uses, funding options, potential tax-incentive opportunities, grant opportunities, etc. Fall 2021
    Present ideas and options to City Council. Winter 2021