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Boards, Commissions, & Committees

The City of Denton encourages your participation on boards and commissions that advise on a wide range of community issues and services.

City Council Committees

In addition to their regular meetings, City Council members serve on committees in order to provide staff with direction on specific topics of interest.

  • Agenda Committee
    Reviews the City Manager's proposed City Council agendas as to form and agenda content.

    Mayor Gerard Hudspeth and Mayor Pro Tem Jesse Davis

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  • Audit/Finance Committee

    Assists the City Council in fulfilling its organizational oversight responsibilities relating to the audit function, the investment function, and other financial-related activities.

    Council Member John Ryan (Chair), Council Member Paul Meltzer (Vice-Chair), and Council Member Deb Armintor

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  • Council Airport Committee

    Reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council on the Airport Business Plan and the Airport Master Plan; infrastructure improvements, grant funding, property leases, long term financial planning, and budgetary.

    Council Member John Ryan (Chair), Mayor Pro Tem Jesse Davis, and Council Member Paul Meltzer

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  • Council Appointee Performance Review Committee

    Assists the City Council in performance review of the Council appointees and ensures that the appointees’ job descriptions are accurate and properly reflect current job duties; makes recommendations regarding employment agreements of Council appointee positions.

    Vacant, Mayor Pro Tem Jesse Davis, and Council Member John Ryan

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  • Committee on Community Engagement [Renamed from Committee on Citizen Engagement]

    Advises the City Council on the timely distribution of accurate and complete information to Denton citizens and devises methods of engaging Denton citizens in the various processes of City government.

    Council Member Birdia Johnson (Chair), Council Member Deb Armintor (Vice Chair), and Council Member Paul Meltzer

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  • Committee on the Environment

    Advises the City Council on environmental issues and resources.

    Council Member Paul Meltzer (Chair), Council Member Connie Baker (Vice-Chair), Mayor Pro Tem Jesse Davis

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  • Community Partnership Committee [Renamed from Hotel Occupancy Tax & Sponsorship Committee]

    On September 1, 2020, City Council adopted Resolution No. 20-1471 which renamed the Hotel Occupancy Tax & Sponsorship Community as the Community Partnership Committee.

    Monitors allocation and use of hotel occupancy tax funds, ensuring funds are used to directly enhance and promote tourism and the hotel and convention industry; makes recommendations to the City Council regarding hotel occupancy tax grants to eligible organizations.

    Mayor Pro Tem Jesse Davis (Chair), Council Member Birdia Johnson (Vice-Chair), and Council Member Connie Baker

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  • Mobility Committee

    Reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council regarding changes to the City’s Mobility Plan, local transportation policy, and regional transportation policies and activities.

    Council Member Paul Meltzer (Chair), Council Member John Ryan (Vice-Chair), and Council Member Deb Armintor

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Boards and Commissions

Boards and Commissions are an established feature of Denton’s municipal government. They offer citizens an opportunity to participate in the City’s governmental process. Their influence and value are significant because they lend a more diverse viewpoint for the City Council to consider.   It is important membership be fully maintained; and we welcome you to apply.

  • Nominations
    • Each member of the City Council may nominate one individual to a board.  However, the opportunity does exist that any member of the City Council may nominate one additional individual to an “at-large” seat, as applicable. 
    • City Council confirms all nominations.
  • Meeting Frequency
    • Boards are required to set their meeting schedule at the beginning of each year, with that schedule subject to change based on the immediate issues a board may be facing as each meeting draws closer.  Other boards may meet on an as-needed basis. 
  • Board Details
    • The board description (purpose), existing vacancies, membership size, term length/limit, enacting legislation, and staff liaison contact information can be found by clicking the Boards tab below. Some boards do have special qualification criteria.
  • Staff Liaison
    • If you have questions relating to any board, you may contact the staff liaison listed under each Board.
  • Vacancies
    • Click on the "Vacancies" tab to view all City vacancies/hold-over positions that are eligible to be filled.
    • Each board is governed by its enabling legislation, which is in some cases has been codified.  See Board Detail.  The Boards & Commissions Handbook, available by clicking on the Label to the right, also provides other prerequisites boards must adhere to.
  • Application Process
    To complete an application, click on the APPLY button found on the top right-hand side of the Boards section below.  Once the application is complete, click the green "Submit" button at the end (bottom) of the application. 

    As you begin completing an application, other options are:
    • View as PDF/Print any time as you begin composing your application.
    • Save for alter in the event you can’t complete it in one sitting.
    • Withdraw the application in its entirety and begin anew.
    NOTE:  In the event the application program remains idle too long, the system will automatically time you out.  As a result, it is recommended you click the “Save for later” button if you plan to step away during the preparation of your application.
    Applications not “submitted” will be purged after one year.  There are no recover options once purged.
    This application is subject to release pursuant to the Texas Public Information Act.  

    [Note:  Once appointed, members have the ability to request an exception from having their information disclosed under special stipulations set out in the Texas Government Code.  A Public Access Form will be provided as part of the Appointment Packet.]

    To view upcoming board meetings, please visit our Public Meetings page.
    If you need assistance on the application process, please call (940)349-8309 or email citysecretary@cityofdenton.com.  We will be happy to assist you.


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