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City Attorney's Office

The City Attorney's Office is committed to providing outstanding, professional legal services for the City Council, City Manager, and all City operations. The Office serves as general counsel for the City, and also provides transactional, advisory, and litigation services. The Office is responsible for drafting and reviewing proposed ordinances and resolutions, reviewing legal documents and papers, assisting in the development of contracts and other binding documents, and providing legal counsel in other matters in which the City may be interested. In addition, prosecutors are provided through the Office to represent the State of Texas in Municipal Court proceedings.

About the City Attorney’s Office

Through our role as the organization’s legal department, the City Attorney’s Office represents the City in all legal matters, serving as in-house counsel for all City departments. Our mission is to provide outstanding professional legal services to assist the City in achieving its core values: integrity, transparency, fiscal responsibility, and outstanding customer service.

What do we do?
 Here is a sample of the many roles and responsibilities managed by our Office:

  • Ensure the City of Denton operates in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Provide legal advice to the City Council, City Manager, boards and commissions, and all City operations on complex and varied legal matters.
  • Draft and review ordinances, resolutions, and contracts considered and adopted by the City Council.
  • Represent the City’s legal interests in litigation, including drafting and filing legal documents, negotiating agreements and settlements, and helping achieve mutually beneficial solutions for all parties.
  • Advise the City Council and City departments on real estate, right-of-way, and other transactions.
  • Review public information requests to promote open government and transparency.
  • Conduct legal research as directed by the City Council on relevant topics, issues, services, and programs.
The City Attorney and staff cannot provide legal advice to private citizens on personal legal matters.

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In the News 

Many legal cases that occur outside our City can impact City operations and the residents we serve. To provide effective legal services, we need to stay up to date on legal issues being considered at the local, state, and national level.

Recent News

Federal Voting Litigation  State Voting Litigation Other News  

Notable Cases
When the City of Denton is engaged in litigation, it is our goal to proactively protect taxpayer resources by working to resolve claims and cases. The Office also strives to keep the public informed about cases throughout the legal process and once we achieve a resolution.

City of Denton v. Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Cause No. 21-1421-16

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