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Speak at a Public Meeting

Any member of the public is welcome to attend and address the City Council at a City Council meeting. Below are ways we invite the public to participate and engage in their local government.

Presentations from Members of the Public
At each regular meeting of the City Council (1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month), a section of the agenda is reserved for scheduled presentations from members of the public or “citizen reports.” This section of the City Council agenda permits any person who has registered in advance to make a report regarding a public business item he/she wishes to be considered by the City Council. This is limited to four (4) speakers per meeting with each speaker allowed a maximum of four (4) minutes to present their report. At the conclusion of each report, the City Council may pose questions to the speaker or may engage in discussion. If the City Council believes that a speaker’s report requires a more detailed review, the City Council will give the City Manager or City staff direction to place the item on a future work session or regular meeting agenda and advise staff as to the background materials to be desired at such meeting.

These presentations are posted on the City Council agenda, and as such, must be scheduled no later than noon on the Thursday preceding a regularly scheduled meeting of the City Council. To schedule a citizen report, please contact City Secretary Jennifer Walters at Jennifer.Walters@cityofdenton.com or (940) 349-8309.

Additional Citizen Reports/Open Microphone
The City Council also reserves a section of the City Council agenda for additional citizen reports, which permits any person not registered for a citizen report to make comments regarding public business on items not listed on the agenda. This is limited to two (2) speakers per meeting with each speaker allowed a maximum of four (4) minutes. Anyone wishing to speak during this section of the agenda is asked to arrive at the City Council meeting early in order to file a speaker registration card or “Blue Card” requesting to speak during this section of the agenda.

Citizen Comments on the Consent Agenda
The Consent Agenda includes multiple items which the City Council will consider with one motion. Citizens can comment on Consent Agenda items during the Work Session portion of the City Council meeting. Each speaker is given three (3) minutes to address any items he/she wishes that are listed on the Consent Agenda. A speaker registration card or “Blue Card” should be completed and returned to the City Secretary prior to the meeting.

Citizen Comments on Items for Individual Consideration
Citizens can comment on any Items for Individual Consideration posted on the agenda. Anyone wishing to address the Council on these items should fill out a speaker registration card or “Blue Card” and provide the card to either the City Secretary or another staff member prior to the item being called. If the speaker wishes to address multiple items, he/she should fill out a separate blue card for each item.

Public Hearings
Citizens can provide comments during a scheduled public hearing. Those wishing to speak can fill out a speaker registration card, but it is not required. The Mayor or meeting chairperson will provide time so that anyone wishing to speak has an opportunity address the City Council.

If you need additional information, please contact the City Secretary’s Office at (940) 349-8309.