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Any member of the public is welcome to attend and address the City Council at a City Council meeting. Below are ways we invite the public to participate and engage in their local government.


To reduce the spread of COVID-19, City Council meetings will have a remote format through a video-conferencing interface, and will use the temporary Rules of Procedure amendments that were adopted during the March 31 Council meeting. Until further notice, no in-person attendance at public meetings will be permitted. Meetings will be streamed online, broadcast on the Denton Television cable channels, and available on-demand.

  • How to Comment on Agenda Items for Virtual Meetings

    To accommodate and receive input on agenda items, citizens will be able to participate in the following ways. (NOTE: Citizens may only comment once per agenda item and cannot use both methods to comment on a single item.):

    • Virtual White Card – Before a meeting, the agenda will be posted on the Public Meetings page and a link to the Virtual White Card, an online comment submission form, will be made available on that page. Within this comment form, citizens may indicate support or opposition, and submit a brief comment about a specific agenda item. Similar to when a citizen submits a white card to indicate their position on the item, these comment forms will be sent directly to City Council members and recorded by the City Secretary. The Mayor will announce the number of Comment Cards submitted in support or opposition to an item during the public comment period. Comments may be submitted up until the start of the meeting, at which time, the Virtual White Card will be closed.
    • By phone – Citizens wishing to speak over the phone during this Council meeting, may call (940) 349-7800 up to 30 minutes prior to the meeting. When the call is initially received, a staff member will receive the caller’s information and either: 1) offer to call the citizen back when it is time for them to speak, or 2) record the caller’s information, support or opposition, and comment. If the caller chooses to record their support or opposition, rather than speaking during the meeting, the Mayor will announce the number of comments submitted in support or opposition to the item. If the caller wishes to receive a call back, the voice of each caller will be broadcast into the meeting during the public commenting time of their desired agenda item. Individuals will be able to comment once per agenda item, no matter the method.

Public Reports

Reports from members of the public shall be received on any topic not already on the agenda through the following 2 methods at regular meetings. A combined total of up to 7 speakers are permitted. Each will be alloted 4 minutes and called when it is time to speak.

1.) Pre-Registration

  • Register by noon the Thursday before the meeting by contacting the City Secretary’s Office at citysecretary@cityofdenton.com, or (940) 349-8309.

2.) Open Microphone

  • File a registration card, or “Blue Card”, with the City Secretary no earlier than 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of the meeting.

Comment on Consent Agenda Items

  • Commentary is allowed during the Work Session portion of the meeting, prior to work session items by filing a registration card, or “Blue Card”, with the City Secretary before the meeting has started.
  • Individulas are allotted 3 minutes and will be called when it is time to speak.

Comment on Individual Consideration Items

  • File a registration card, or “Blue Card”, with the City Secretary before the item is called. Individuals wishing to address multiple items must fill out a separate Blue Card for each item.
  • Individuals are allotted 3 minutes and will be called when it is time to speak.

Public Hearings

  • Individuals are encouraged, but not required to fill out a registration card, or “Blue Card”, with the City Secretary before the hearing.
  • Individuals will be given 4 minutes to speak, but City Council may limit the time to 3 minutes if many speakers are expected to comment on an item.
  • Applicants and their agents can speak for up to 10 minutes per speaker, with up to a total of 20 minutes for all speakers representing the applicant.
  • Speakers who previously commented on an item will be given 2 minutes to make a single, final rebuttal after hearing the applicant’s rebuttal.

A copy of the full Rules of Procedure can be found under section 2-29 of the Code of Ordinances found here

If you have questions, please contact the City Secretary at citysecretary@cityofdenton.com, or  (940) 349-8309.