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Hickory Creek Road Safety Improvements

Project Status


Project Background 

Projects are underway to improve the safety of Hickory Creek Road by The City of Denton, Denton County, and TxDOT. 

The Capital Projects Department continues to coordinate closely with Denton County on projects to improve the safety of Hickory Creek Road.

Short-term, the City is partnering with the County to install guardrails, striping, and pavement markers along the curved stretch of Hickory Creek, spanning approximately 0.5 miles to FM1830. The City installed reflective striping on Thursday, Jan. 24. The County Commissioner’s Court will vote to approve a budget amendment to allocate funds for guardrail installation on Jan. 29 and will issue a purchase order with the contractor who will conduct the work on Jan. 31. Weather permitting, the County’s contractor will begin guardrail construction the week of Feb. 4. The County estimates that it will take approximately two weeks to complete guardrail construction. While guardrail construction is underway, the County will also complete select pavement repairs along Hickory Creek. Once the guardrails are installed, the City will add raised pavement markers (buttons with reflectors) the entire length of the guardrail. Following the completion of the guardrails, striping, and pavement markers, the City will install curve warning and guidance signs.  All signs will have LED lighting to provide maximum visibility.  There is a 3-week lead time to order these signs, and staff is working with the Purchasing and Compliance Department to place an order with our vendor.  

Long-term, the City is completing contract negotiations with an engineering firm for the complete design of the future Hickory Creek Road, taking the road straight (no curves) to FM1830 with a bridge over the floodplain.  The City Council will be asked to review and approve the contract in February 2019. Staff anticipates having the long-term project designed and ready for construction within 24-months providing funding availability.  Staff will try to shorten that timeframe as much as possible.  

In addition to the City and County, TxDOT is also a partner in this endeavor. Bi-weekly meetings are being held with all partners to ensure all aspects of these important safety projects are well coordinated.  Staff will continue to provide updates on the status of these projects as additional information becomes available.

Project Updates 

April 4: Over the past three months, the section of Hickory Creek Road between FM 1830 and Riverpass Drive underwent significant short-term improvements. This work included trimming trees to increase visibility and adding new guardrails, raised reflective pavement markers, new striping, and curve warning and guidance signs that illuminate when a vehicle approaches to improve safety. The City will soon begin roadway improvements on the Hickory Creek Road West project, which includes widening the existing two-lane roadway to a four-lane roadway from Teasley Lane to Riverpass Drive.

February 28: Denton County completed roadway base repairs and guardrail installation late Monday, February 25. The City of Denton completed road striping and reopened Hickory Creek Road Tuesday, February 26. The City will begin installing lighted road signage next week and plan to be completed by Friday, March 15. Partial closures will occur as ongoing improvements continue.

February 21: Denton County plans to reopen Hickory Creek Road Friday, March 1, weather permitting.