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Community Development implements programs and projects that strengthen families and neighborhoods by partnering with human service agencies.

We need your input

The City of Denton's Community Services team is seeking citizen participation in the 2021 Action Plan for Housing and Community Development. Estimated funds available for the 2021/22 grant year in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), HOME Partnership Investment Program (HOME) and local program income are $1,917,890. The City plans to undertake the following activities during the 2021 program year to assist low and moderate-income persons:

Community Development Administration $270,426
Home Improvement Program $486,330
Homebuyer Assistance Program $111,038
Minor Repair Program $100,000
Sequoia Park Playground $175,000
Fred Moore Park Improvements $115,000
Denton Affordable Housing Corp. - Rental Acquisition Program $100,000
Grace Like Rain, Inc. - Community Village
Parks and Recreation Summer Kids Camp $45,000
Denton City County Day School $45,000
Denton County Friends of the Family $50,000
The Salvation Army – Denton
($35,000 split CDBG/CDBG-CV)
Total Funding Allocated to Projects $1,917,890
How to Share Your Feedback

Submit Your Comments
During the 30-day comment period (May 3 through June 1) citizens and organizations can provide comments on activities to Community Development the following ways:

Attend the Public Hearing
The Public Hearing for the 2021 Action Plan will take place at the virtual City Council meeting May 4, at 6:30 p.m. Visit www.cityofdenton.com/publicmeetings or call (940) 349-7726 for more information on the virtual Council meeting format and how to participate. Traductores de español estarán disponible.
Services we provide
First-time home buyers, home owners with home repair needs and renters in need of rental assistance may find resources to help. Housing Programs managed by Community Development include: The City works with several partners who provide housing assistance services:
How We Help
The City of Denton is committed to improving the lives of our residents. By leveraging local, state and federal funding, the Community Development division provides support to human service programs, public facility projects and housing projects serving low-to-moderate-income City of Denton residents.

The City of Denton will provide $1,516,855 of financial assistance in 2020-2021 to support various human service projects in Denton County. The direct financial support to each of the local human service agencies will aid in the stability of their assistance programs.
Click here for a breakdown of the financial assistance provided to support human services.

The City of Denton utilizes Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnership Program funding to revitalize neighborhoods and provide safe, stable housing in low-to-moderate-income areas in the city limits of Denton. In the 2020-2021 program year, the City of Denton will provide $1,308,914 in financial assistance to support facility improvements and affordable housing projects that serve low-income households. Click here for a breakdown of the financial assistance provided to support housing and public facility improvements.
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