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The City of Denton Community Development Department uses citizen comments, local government and service agencies guidance, to develop and implement programs and projects that provide decent housing, a suitable living environment and expand economic opportunity, principally for persons of low to moderate income. 


The 2020-22 Consolidated Plan examines the community needs, resources, priorities, strategies, and goals the City will address over the next three years. The 2020 Action Plan is the City’s annual application for federal funds and a list of projects that will receive funding in the 2020 program year.

Services Offered

  • Housing Assistance

    First-time home buyers, home owners with home repair needs and renters in need of rental assistance may find resources to help. Housing Programs managed by Community Development include:

    The City works with several partners who provide housing assistance services:

  • Public Improvements
    The Community Development Block Grant and HOME Investment Partnerships Program funding for the 2019-20 program year will help revitalize neighborhoods and provide safe, and stable housing in low- to moderate-income areas in the city limits of Denton. The funding is also available for facility improvements to local non-profits that serve low-income households.

    Housing Assistance and Improvements- $1,148,758
    • Denton Affordable Housing Corporation - $84,250 Renovate two DAHC homes rented to very-low and low-income households. Includes $72, 250 in renovation costs and $12,000 in administrative costs.  [Funding Source: HOME Investment Partnerships Program]
    • Grace Like Rain – $80,932 Pre-development costs for Love First Community Village to provide below market-rate, affordable housing to 50 low-to-moderate income families who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness. [Funding Source: Community Development Block Grant]
    • Habitat for Humanity – $220,000 Land acquisition costs for developing four (4) homes in 2019 for low to moderate income families. [Funding Source: Community Development Block Grant]
    • Home Buyers Assistance program (HAP) ‐ $80,000 The objective of HAP is to provide homeownership opportunities for low- and moderate- income families who live in Denton. The program assists first time homebuyers with closing costs and down payment assistance.  Up to $14,900 is provided as a forgivable loan at 0% interests for the term of the five year loan period. A grant is provided to assist with repairs to meet the property standards set by HUD. The funds requested will serve approximately five households.  [Funding Source: HOME Investment Partnerships Program]
    • Home Improvement Program (HIP) ‐ $354,612 The objective of the HIP is to assist low and moderate-income families with securing safe, sanitary, energy efficient and decent housing.  This objective is accomplished through owner-occupied rehabilitation (repair) and optional reconstruction (demolish and reconstruct home).  The funds requested will serve seven households.  [Funding Source: HOME Investment Partnerships Program]
    • Major Systems Replacement Program (MSRP) ‐ $168,540 The objective of MSRP is to address replacement of failing major systems. In addition to helping address a gap in housing assistance that the Minor Repair Program cannot support, it will also be able to make more homes affordable to first time homebuyers by replacing major systems in older homes listed at lower sales prices.  The funds requested will serve approximately five (5) households. [Funding Source: Community Development Block Grant]
    • Minor Repair Program (MRP) ‐ $160,424 Addresses urgently needed repairs of homes (repairs costing less than $5,000 unless extenuating circumstances require as much as $10,000 for unity repairs). This program can stabilize a home within the city limits of Denton until a rehabilitation can be done.  Program will serve a minimum of seven and a maximum of 38 owner-occupied households with incomes below 80% of the area median income.  The funds requested will serve a minimum of sixteen (16) households. [Funding Source: Community Development Block Grant]

    Nonprofit Facility Improvements - $40,000
    • CASA of Denton County Facility Improvements ‐ $40,000 Facility improvements to bring exterior entrances and parking lot into compliance for ADA accessibility by providing exterior ramps and improved parking spaces at the CASA facility. [Funding Source: Community Development Block Grant]
  • Social Services
    Through the Human Services Grant and other general funding the City is providing support to community human services programs serving low and moderate‐income City of Denton residents. The grants utilize Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and General Revenue Funds awarded to local nonprofit agencies. By leveraging funding local, state, and federal, grants we have the target goal to ensure at least 5,500 individuals and/or households are served through City-supported programs. 

    For a map of DCTA public transportation routes and transit stops in conjunction with the location of nonprofit organizations offering assistance to Denton residents for a variety of resources including health care, mental health care, food and meals, child care, housing and homelessness assistance, senior assistance, disability services, etc., please visit this page.

    Social Services

    Click here for a printable version of the information below.

    Child Care Services - $130,000
    • City of Denton Summer Kids Camp ‐ $29,000 for full scholarships to  summer day camp program to income eligible kids in need of quality care in the summer designed to integrate recreation with mentoring, and development of life skills, leadership, respect for others and respect for self .
    • Denton Christian Preschool (940) 383-3332 ‐ $28,000 to provide quality early childhood education for at-risk preschool aged children in the community.
    • Denton City County Day School (940) 382-6485 ‐ $38,000 to provide quality early childhood education to low-income children between the ages of 2 and 5 years.
    • Fred Moore Day Nursery, Inc. (940) 387-8214 ‐ $35,000 to provide nurturing and developmentally appropriate early learning experiences for low-income families between infancy and 8 years old.
    Emergency Assistance for Homeless or At-Risk Housing Assistance - $776,850
    • Denton County Friends of the Family (800) 382-7273 ‐ $35,000 for shelter director to ensure shelter is properly equipped to improve clients sense of safety, provide support in overcoming the impact of violence and abuse, and begin the process of helping the client achieve and maintain self-sufficiency free from family violence.
    • Giving HOPE, Inc. (940) 483-0569 - $35,000 to prevent homelessness by providing rent and utility assistance to families in financial crisis that could result in loss of housing.
    • Interfaith Ministries (940) 566-5927 - $133,000 provides utility assistance to prevent homelessness and assist households in regaining financial stability.
    • Monsignor King Homeless Center (940) 268-2968 ‐ $530,000 for the provision of emergency shelter and enhanced shelter services for people experience homelessness.
    • Our Daily Bread (940) 566-1308 - $43,850 for the portion of security and staff supporting programs related to daily meals, supportive program services, and referrals for individuals experiencing economic hardships, food insecurity and/or homelessness.
    Family Resources - $226,485
    • CASA of Denton County, Inc. (940) 243-2272 ‐ $31,000 to recruit, train and support community volunteers who provide advocacy services in the judicial system for abused children who have been removed from their home due to abuse and neglect.
    • Children's Advocacy Center (972) 317-2818 (Local), 800-252-5400 (Hotline) - $165,485 for supportive services to children and law enforcement in the investigation of cases involving abuse and sexual assault of children.
    • Communities in Schools of North Texas, Inc. (972) 538-9930 ‐ $30,000 for personnel for dropout prevention programs in Denton ISD campuses located within city limits of Denton serving grades K-12 students who struggle with academic, social, emotional, mental and/or physical barriers to success who are at risk of dropping out of school.
    Food Security Services - $50,000
    • The Salvation Army Denton Corps (940) 566-3800 ‐ $25,000 for assistance with food provided during the K.A.R.E. Kitchen daily meals and Food Pantry for clients experiencing homelessness and low-income households.
    • Special Programs for Aging Needs (SPAN), Inc. (940) 382-2224 ‐ $25,000 for senior nutrition program providing nutritional home delivered and congregate meals for senior adults in Denton.
    Health Care and Mental Health Services - $72,500
    • Denton County MHMR (940) 381-5000 ‐ $18,000 for outreach to Suicide Survivors by LOSS Team who are onsite at the scene of a suicide to provide resources and hope to newly bereaved.
    • Health Services of North Texas (940) 381-1501 ‐ $47,000 for low-cost, sliding-scale fee services for patients of all ages, including women’s health and prenatal care. Services include treatment for acute & chronic physical and behavioral conditions, immunizations, well visits, care management, and access to specialty care.
    • PediPlace (972) 436-7962 $7,500 for medical salaries, and medical care service delivery costs to children residing in Denton ages birth to 18 who are uninsured or qualify for Medicaid or CHIP benefits.
    Other Types of Public Services - $97,000
    • RSVP Serving Denton County (940) 383-1508 (Volunteers) ‐ $5,000 for coordination of volunteer services for senior citizens in Denton who provide volunteer services to local nonprofits meeting a community need.
    • United Way of Denton County (940) 566-5851 - $92,000 ($12,000) for HMIS Licenses that support all service providers ability to share information and make referrals for housing assistance and other supportive services through HMIS and ($80,000) for Homelessness Initiatives including the Denton County Homelessness Leadership Team Collective Impact Project.
  • Community Development Grant

    The City of Denton utilizes the Federal Community Development Grant for Housing and Public Improvements that assist low to moderate-income households and to help revitalize neighborhoods.

    Grant application(s) must follow established criteria in the City’s Consolidated Plan for Housing and Community Development and address the stated priorities.

    A new application will be available for local nonprofit agencies interested in applying for the Community Development Grant for programs that will help residents with housing, and public improvements in November 2020.

    If you would like to apply, have questions or need additional information, please contact Luisa Garcia, Community Development Coordinator, at Luisa.Garcia@cityofdenton.com or (940) 349-7238.

  • Human Services Grant
    The City of Denton utilizes the Federal Community Development Block Grant to improve the quality of housing and neighborhoods through grants and housing assistance programs. Community Development also administers grant programs awarded through other City departments including the Police Department’s Fair Share Fund and the Denton Municipal Electric P-L-U-S One Utility Assistance Program.

    The Human Services Grant provides funds to community human services programs serving low to moderate-income City of Denton residents. The grant utilizes Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and General Revenue Funds awarded to local nonprofit agencies. Services funding generally include reduced cost childcare, adult care, family services, youth services, homelessness assistance/prevention, utilities assistance, and others as needed.

    A new application will be available for local nonprofit agencies interested in applying for the Human Services Grant in November 2020.

    To learn more about programs currently funded, visit Social Services.

    If you would like to apply, have questions or need additional information, please contact Anja Taylor, Grants Program Coordinator, at Anja.Taylor@cityofdenton.com or (940) 349-7322.

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