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The Denton Fire Department is NOT a COVID-19 vaccine provider. Click here for local vaccine information from Denton County Public Health. 

Since 1874, the Denton Fire Department has responded to fires and provided suppression in the Denton area. Today, the Denton Fire Department provides an all-hazards approach model that includes response to fires, emergency medical services (EMS), hazardous materials response, and technical rescues. Our dedicated team is focused on promoting and protecting the health and safety of the Denton community. Our success is shaped by a diverse team specializing in fire prevention, fire and life safety education, advanced training, emergency response, and disaster preparedness.


The Denton Fire Department is a team of dedicated professionals who serve to protect lives and property in our community.


The Denton Fire Department will be an innovative leader that proactively embraces the future while honoring the traditions of the fire service.

Core Values

As a Denton Fire Department member I stand for:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Courage
  • Humility

The Denton Fire Department has a culture in which R.I.C.H. values are the pillars to support the organization.