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Training & Education

The Training Division is committed to providing timely, pertinent, and realistic training to the firefighters of the Denton Fire Department. Our mission is to equip firefighters with the knowledge and skills needed to mitigate any emergency. Denton firefighters are certified in a variety of disciplines, such as ARFF, Technical Rescue, Paramedicine, and Hazardous Materials. Maintaining operational readiness in all of these disciplines is our duty to the citizens of Denton. Firefighters are required to complete more than 20 hours of training a month to stay current with best practices, hone their skills, and further their own professional development. When Denton citizens call 911, they can expect a group of highly skilled professionals to respond to their emergency, ready to go above and beyond to help.

Training Facility

The Denton Fire Department Training Facility opened in February 2019 and is open to outside agency use. The facility is composed of a six-story building with two gas props, a two-story class A burn building, a flashover chamber, and an outdoor classroom. The facility is equipped provide multiple scenarios based on a variety of training needs.
Please read the descriptions below to see what we have to offer.

The Tower
The six-story tower offers a bit of everything. There are two Dräger gas props. An industrial prop with two rollup doors on the first floor can simulate warehouse fires while a second prop simulates a sofa fire in a hotel room layout on the fourth floor. Units can use a dry standpipe to practice high-rise operations. We have also developed a way to charge the system to simulate a municipal water supply for initial fire attack and for a supply pumper to identify and overcome if needed. Each floor of the tower has a different floor plan to simulate different occupancies firefighters might encounter. There are parapet walls and balconies on the second and fifth floors to aid in rappelling and laddering. There are also built-in anchors on each floor, an elevator shaft from the first floor to the roof, and various manhole covers to use for technical rescue training.

Class A Building

Class A Building
The Class A building provides the realism that a Class B system cannot recreate. The Dräger Phase V system is a two-story structure designed to be adaptable. Internal floor plan can be reconfigured to simulate single family or multi-family dwellings with unique challenges to overcome. A VES prop can also be used in the scenario. Instructors have 10 years of experience creating realistic fire ground scenarios designed to test real-time decision-making and tactical execution.

Flashover Chamber
The flashover chamber fits an optimal number of six students, but it can hold up to eight students. Instructors cover fire growth and development, the effects of ventilation, finding a radio or pass device in a blacked-out environment, and the effects of using a fog pattern in a superheated atmosphere. The flashover chamber is a great experience for any firefighter at any point within their career.

The SCBA maze was built in a 40-foot long convex box and has two levels. There is an interior walkway for instructors to observe firefighters while they are going through the maze. Firefighters will get through restricted areas, navigate through wires, and go up and down stairs while maintaining awareness about their orientation within the structure.

Coming Soon
  • Ventilation Prop
  • Confined Space Rescue Props
  • Extrication Field
  • Phase II
Grand Opening of the Denton Fire Department Training Facility on Feb. 23, 2019

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