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Denton PD Partners with Local Bars to Prevent Sexual Assaults

9/6/2019 12:00:00 AM

The Denton Police Department is proud to announce the implementation of the Ask for Angela program in Denton.

DENTON, TX, Sept. 6, 2019 – The Denton Police Department is proud to announce the implementation of the Ask for Angela program in Denton.
Ask for Angela provides a discreet method for patrons to ask for help if they feel unsafe or in danger. By simply approaching a staff member and “Asking for Angela,” trained staff will know to pull that individual aside and inquire as to what sort of help they need. Help could include, but is not limited to: an escort to their vehicle, a friend or family member called for them, or a police response. The type of help the patron receives will be dependent on each situation.  While some restaurants do take part, Ask for Angela puts an emphasis on bars and other establishments that primarily serve alcohol.
 This program, which has various adaptions, has global recognition. While this program can be utilized for many different situations, its primary goal is to proactively prevent assaults and sexual assaults.  This cause is incredibly important to the Denton Police Department, especially with our city being home to three college campuses.
The Denton Police Department is partnering with local bars, primarily those in the downtown and Fry Street areas, and is seeking to make Ask for Angela wide-spread in the community. Any establishments that are interested in participating are welcome to contact or stop by the Denton Police Department for flyers and more information about the program (940) 349-8558. The Department has already partnered with several bar owners, who have expressed enthusiasm for being included in this project. The initiative has also received the support of local sororities, University of North Texas Police Department, and Texas Woman’s University Police Department.
Throughout this week, flyers will also be distributed to bars. We hope the implementation of this program will deter offenders and protect victims, who will know that help is only one phrase away.
Contact: Allison Vetere, (940) 349-8558, DentonPD.MediaRelations@cityofdenton.com