New Landfill Hours Effective Nov. 6: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday-Saturday
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Solid Waste

The Solid Waste Department is located at 1527 S. Mayhill Road at the ECO-W.E.R.C.S. Resource Recovery Park.

To establish, change, or cancel residential or commercial solid waste and recycling waste collection services, please call our Customer Service Department at (940) 349-8700.
For general questions or inquiries, please email


Trash Collection
We are the sole provider of trash collection in the City of Denton for both residential and commercial customers. Learn about RESIDENTIAL services. Learn about COMMERCIAL services.

Recycling Collection
We are the sole provider of recycling collection for City of Denton residents. We also offer commercial recycling collection services for our commercial customers as an add-on service. Our campus is home to a privately operated municipal recycling facility where clean, acceptable recyclables are sorted and baled to be exported to companies that remanufacture the recyclable materials. Learn more.

Home Chemical Collections
City of Denton residents can call and schedule a pickup of their hazardous home chemicals to ensure these items are kept out of the landfill. Additionally, residents can choose to visit our campus between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. to drop off their hazardous home chemicals at our Home Chemical Collections Center. We do not currently offer commercial hazardous waste collections or collections of material from residents outside the City of Denton. Learn more.

The City of Denton landfill is located at 1527 S. Mayhill Road, and is where collected residential and commercial trash is disposed of. Hours of operation, holiday schedule, policies, and disposal rates are posted below.

Hours of Operation
Monday-Saturday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Sunday, closed
Customers will be assessed an additional fee upon exiting the landfill after closing time.

  • Weigh Station Policies
    • Must provide a valid driver's license or state-issued identification card
    • All loads must be tarped or tied down, unsecured loads will be charged a $20 fee
    • Prohibited items: all liquids (including paint); batteries; hazardous, bio-hazardous, and radioactive waste
  • Disposal Rates
    • Minimum Disposal Fee, $25
    • Gate Rate, $44 per ton
    • Unsecured Load Fee, $20 per load
    • Special Waste, rate varies depending on material

    • Street Tires less than 31" (outside) diameter, $8 (without rims), $16 (with rims)
    • Street Tires more than 31" and less than 42" (outside) diameter, $10 (without rims), $30 (with rims)
    • Off-road and Street Tires more than 42" (outside) diameter, $35 (without rims), $50 (with rims)

    • Appliances with refrigerants, $20 per appliance
    • TVs and Monitors, $15 per device
    • Small household electronics, no charge

    Yard Waste
    • Brush, grass, & leaves under 12', $20 per ton
    • Brush over 12', $30 per ton
    • Whole trees and stumps, $50 per ton

    Construction Products Available for Purchase
    • Screened Sand, $4.25 per ton (when available)
    • Soil - select fill, $3.75 per ton
    • Clay, $4.50 per ton
    • Rocks, $5 per 100 pounds
    • Crushed Concrete*, $8 per ton + tax
    • Materials Delivery Fee (within the City of Denton limits), $100 per load
    *Crushed concrete is 1.25" to minus radbase and meets TxDOT grade 2 and 3 standards.

    To check product availability and for large quantity sales, call (940) 349-8080.
    Quantities 10 yards (one dump truck load) or less are sold on Saturdays only.

    Excess sand, clay, mixed soil, and rock can be sold to the public. 
  • Holiday Schedule
    • Thanksgiving Day—Nov. 21, 2019
    • Christmas Day—Dec. 25, 2019
    • New Year's Day—Jan. 1, 2020

    Open 7 am. to Noon: 
    • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day—Jan. 21, 2019
    • Memorial Day—May 27, 2019
    • Independence Day—July 4, 2019
    • Labor Day—Sept. 2, 2019
    • Day after Thanksgiving—Nov. 22, 2019
    • Christmas Eve—Dec. 24, 2019

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