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City departments have reopened relative to COVID-19 modifications that were established prior to last week's weather event.
bottled water and showers available
The City of Denton is distributing bottled water for residents in need. Each vehicle will receive one case of water or three one-gallon jugs. Residents can also bring personal water bottles and containers to fill using the rec center’s hands-free bottle-filling water fountains.

The City has also opened access to three rec centers for residents who need to shower and use restrooms. Towels and hygiene products are not provided.

Monday-Friday, Feb. 22-26 | Locations and Hours
Strict COVID-19 protocols followed; masks required.
  • North Lakes Rec Center, 2001 W. Windsor Dr. | 6 a.m.-8 p.m.
  • MLK Jr. Rec Center, 1300 Wilson St. | Noon-7 p.m.
  • Denton Natatorium, 2400 Long Rd. | 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
Public Distribution Flyer (English)
Public Distribution Flyer (Spanish)
Disclaimer:  Water is being provided to you by the City of Denton in a disaster recovery situation. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that containers being used for water collection and transport are clean, free of contaminants, and are proper water storage containers. The City of Denton will not inspect the containers and will not accept responsibility for illness or any other damages that occur from the provision, collection, transfer, or storage of water provided.
water donations
We can accept pre-packaged water in sealed containers. In addition to thewater we currently have, the City has requested more from the State of Texas, which will be distributed once received. 
utility and billing update
Denton Municipal Electric (DME) is a resident-owned electric utility that provides responsive, affordable electric services. News articles regarding potential massive electric bills for customers of some privately-owned electric companies have caused alarm with some of our customers. We want to reassure you that DME only recovers the costs to provide electricity and will not financially benefit from this crisis. If you have questions, call Customer Service at (940) 349-8700

Utility Billing
As a DME customer, you are only charged for actual electricity consumed at the existing fixed rates as approved by City Council. If you used more electricity than usual (consumed higher than average kWh), then your electric bill will be higher than a normal month due to that higher use. If you used less than your average kWh, your bill will be less than a normal month.

Utility Shutoffs
We are postponing planned nonpayment utility interruptions until Monday, March 15, 2021, to give you time to assess weather-related impacts without worrying about losing power. 

Understanding Rates and the Approval Process 
DME rates are fixed and determined by City Council. Non-DME customers impacted by extremely high spikes in their bills are billed through variable rate for electricity – making them vulnerable to sudden price swings from the wholesale energy market. This is not the case with DME.

Rate changes must be approved by City Council after a thorough and transparent financial and rate review process. We will continue to assess impact of this winter storm, including the cost of purchasing electricity from the electric grid operator, ERCOT. Many discussions relating to relief and/or reform are occurring at the state and federal levels, and any decisions at those level may impact Denton. When this analysis is complete, we will then have a better understanding of the storm’s impact on DME finances. Again, any proposed rate changes would include public meetings and must be approved by City Council.
Department Services update
The City is open for business. Please note, we have resumed normal business relative to COVID-19 modifications that were established prior to last week's weather event.
Solid Waste and Recycling Services Update: 
  • Brush and bulk waste start again the week of March 1.
  • There is no bag limit this week.
  • Please fill your cart completely and place additional trash bags next to the cart.
  • If your cart and extra bags aren't collected on your scheduled day, no worries. Please leave on the curb as we make our way around.
  • Please call (940) 349-8700 for Home Chemical Collection.
  • Please drop off excess recycables at 1527 S. Mayhill Rd. or the North Lakes Recycling Drop-off Center.

Community Resources

UNITED WAY | The Texas Winter Storm Disaster Relief Fund
United Way of Denton County has established the Texas Winter Storm Disaster Relief Fund as a resource for the community to donate to support individuals and families in Denton County suffering from the effects of last week’s historic winter storm. Funds received will be distributed through grants to Denton County nonprofits and/or direct client assistance to help neighbors in need.

“Once again, United Way of Denton County appeals to the generosity of our community to aid neighbors who are struggling to recover from the long-term effects of last week's historic weather events that brought loss of power, loss of water, and adverse impact to their homes,” said Gary Henderson, President & CEO of United Way of Denton County. “Your generous donations will bridge immediate gaps so lives can return to normalcy as quickly as possible." Click here for the full press release.

THE JUNCTION | Our Daily Bread and Monsignor King Outreach Center are proud to announce we have joined as one nonprofit organization—The Junction. 

Monsignor King Outreach Center​300 S. Woodrow Ln. | (940) 268-2968 

Monday-Friday, 6 p.m.-8 a.m. (shelter)

Our Daily Bread, Oak St. Ste. 100 | (940) 566-1308 
Monday-Friday | 9 a.m.‐1:30 p.m. Saturday | 9 a.m.-12:45 p.m. 
Salvation Army Denton
1508 E. McKinney St.  | (940) 566-3800 
Dinner served at 6:30 p.m.
Overnight stays from 5 p.m.-7 a.m. (shelter)

Winter Weather resources

Residents are advised to prepare their homes, vehicles, and families for potentially hazardous conditions. 
Warming and Cooling Stations
When weather conditions fall within the Inclement Weather definition, designated City facilities can be opened as warming/cooling stations. The designated City facilities are heated and/or air-conditioned with public access to restrooms, water fountains, and sitting areas during normal operations. 

Inclement weather is when the temperature is expected to fall below 32 degrees or above 100 degrees fahrenheit, or when the City declares an emergency for weather conditions such as ice, severe flooding, etc. When the conditions for Inclement Weather are met, City staff will communicate to residents, public, and social service agencies that designated facilities are available as Inclement Weather Stations through its various communications channels such as website, social media, or media alerts.
Emergency Utility Assistance  
To report a power outage, call (940) 349-7000. The Denton Municipal Electric (DME) outage map can be viewed at www.dmepower.com
Code Red 
Residents are also asked to sign up for CodeRED alerts at www.cityofdenton.com/codered. The City uses CodeRED to issue geographical-based emergency notifications, and users can also opt in to receive weather warnings from the National Weather Service. 
Stay Off the Roads  
Starting Feb. 9, crews with the City of Denton and Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) began strategic pretreatment of roadways, bridges, and overpasses. Residents should avoid driving and use caution if travel is necessary. 
Preparedness Checklist 
Chilly temperatures are here, serving as an important reminder to be ready for the hazards that can accompany winter weather. We've made a checklist to help you and your family feel more prepared ahead of the cooler temps headed our way! Check it out here.  
Help Conserve Energy  
The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) expects possible record-breaking demand this weekend into early next week. Please be mindful of your electric use to help lessen the load on the grid. For energy-saving tips, visit www.ercot.com/about/conservation.  
Protect Your Pets
Make your pet’s safety a priority. It is best practice during the winter that no owned dog or cat should be left outdoors unless they have access to a well-insulated structure. Also watch for these warning signs if your pet is exposed to the cold weather: trembling, sleepiness, slowed breathing, mobility issues, dry skin, numbness, illness. 
If you see a pet out in the cold without proper shelter or drinkable water, record as many details as you can before contacting Animal Services with a complaint—details include time, date, exact location, and type of animal(s) involved. For more information, check out Animal Services helpful infographic here or call (940) 349-7594.