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The City of Denton’s Strategic Plan is an action-oriented road map that will help the City achieve its vision. The City prioritizes a Safe, Livable and Family-Friendly Community with a strategic goal to reduce the City’s homeless population.

Through support by the city, local social service agencies and assistance programs receive funding that helps meet the needs of citizens.  
  • People deserve a safe place to live, and the community has resources to help make that possible.
  • Homelessness is a disruption to the lives of those who have nowhere to live, as well as the stability of our communities.
  • It is cheaper to provide homes and support for individuals experiencing homeless. Other costs to homelessness like hospitalization, medical treatment, incarceration, police intervention, and emergency shelter expenses can add up quickly, making homelessness more expensive for communities and taxpayers.

*Based on national averages

There is a proven way to reduce these costs by making homelessness RARE, BRIEF and NONRECURRING.