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Right-of-Way Ordinance

The City of Denton is in the process of drafting a new right-of-way ordinance. This ordinance will establish rules governing the use of the City's right-of-way for construction purposes.

The City's Capital Projects department, through the Public Works Inspections division, is responsible for right-of-way (ROW) management, permit applications, and inspections. 

The goals of the proposed ordinance are to set clear guidelines for any developer or contractor who need to work in the City's ROW for construction purposes, define the processes for permit applications, establish permit and inspection requirements, and set regulations for traffic control, construction requirements, standards for repair and restoration, relocation of facilities for public improvements, and abandonment and removal of facilities.

Throughout the ordinance development process, the City is seeking comments from the public, developers, contractors, or other interested parties to ensure that we have the best ordinance and regulations for Denton. The document is currently under internal review.