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Simply Sustainable

The City of Denton has a long history of advancing wise resource use and sustainable development in City initiatives, programs, and operations. Simply Sustainable: A Strategic Plan for Denton’s Future is the result of a collaborative effort with our citizens, workforce, business owners, institutional leaders, and elected officials working to improve our environment, economy, and community.

The plan includes 30 strategies across the eight focus areas which were selected through a rigorous public involvement and prioritization process. Strategies include recommendations for policies, community programs, outreach and education, and capital improvements. To stay a trend-setter among sustainable cities, the City tracks progress on strategies with its award-winning tracking tool, D-Smart, and reports on progress on this site.


  • Protect and restore Denton water bodies
  • Maintain high level of drinking water quality
  • Invest in sustainable stormwater and watershed infrastructure and management
  • Ensure wastewater is collected, treated, and discharged in accordance with all regulatory requirements

Air quality and greenhouse gas management

  • Improve regional air quality and take actions to improve non-attainment status
  • Take actions to reduce air pollutant emissions, including greenhouse gases and emissions from government operations

Energy efficiency and conservation

  • Invest in renewable energy generation
  • Encourage energy conservation and efficiency in new and existing homes and businesses
  • Ensure efficient energy use in city government facilities through demand reduction in both new construction and building retrofits
  • Continue to require exceptional energy efficiency building standards for new construction

Land use and open/natural space

  • Promote land use and code/zoning patterns that positively affect energy use and the environment
  • Preserve open space, natural areas, and the tree canopy
  • Minimize water use, promote stormwater quality, and reduce stormwater quantity through management measures
  • Promote redevelopment of infill areas and brownfield sites


  • Expand infrastructure for non-vehicle modes of transportation
  • Promote public transportation ridership and the use of fuel-efficient/alternative-fuel vehicles
  • Reduce environmental impacts from impervious parking surfaces

Education, communication, and community involvement

  • Develop and promote city government and community sustainability programs
  • Encourage and promote citizen involvement
  • Increase sustainability education, awareness, and personal responsibility

Material resource management

  • Reduce solid waste generation and divert waste away from landfill disposal through increased recycling and reuse options
  • Leverage city government’s purchasing power to procure goods and services that cause less harm to humans and the environment, in accordance with procurement laws and regulations

Local food production

  • Encourage local food production and distribution

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