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City of Denton Launches Coyote Sighting Map

2/1/2019 12:00:00 AM

Engage Denton App Helps Residents Report Sightings
The City of Denton has launched a new map to track coyote sightings. Residents can report sightings via the Engage Denton app (available at www.engagedenton.com), which captures the location of the sighting. Sightings are then loaded into the interactive map where they will remain posted for 90 days. The coyote sighting map is available by going to www.cityofdenton.com/animalservices and clicking on “Wildlife” under important resources.
While the map will help residents identify areas where sightings occur, residents are also encouraged to get information about what to do if they encounter a coyote.
“Coyotes are extremely adaptable and are often able to survive when their wildlife habitat becomes an urban environment,” said Director of Customer Service Tiffany Thomson. “It’s important that residents be aware of what attracts coyotes and take precautions to help protect themselves and their pets.”
Residents are encouraged to remove and limit coyote food sources, keep small pets indoors or under close supervision, and properly dispose of or store all garbage, compost, pet food, and grill drippings which attract rodents, rabbits, and other coyote prey. Residents can also make their yards less inviting by cutting back brush and sealing off crawl spaces.
If residents encounter a coyote, they can attempt to scare them away by making loud noises and waving their arms. Remember to take a whistle or tennis ball on walks, as these can also be used to scare coyotes. Never approach a coyote, and immediately report any coyotes displaying abnormal behaviors or illnesses to Denton Animal Services at (940) 349-7594. For any attacks or aggressive animal sightings, call 911.

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