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DCTA A-train Quiet Zones Temporarily Suspended at 10 Rail Crossings

8/1/2019 12:00:00 AM

Horns Will Sound at Road Crossings Until Further Notice

The City of Denton has been notified that the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) would be temporarily suspending quiet zones at Ten (10) DCTA road crossings within the City. Effective July 31, the A-train horns will sound at each of the crossing locations (see list below) until further notice.
The suspension of the quiet zones is the result of a recent review by the FRA as part of the federal recertification process. In its review, the FRA found that the crossings were not compliant with federal regulations due primarily to street paint fading and signage visibility. The sounding of horns at each rail crossing is required by the FRA until the crossings are in full compliance.
Upon notification, the City immediately began work to make improvements at each of the non-compliant locations. DCTA will cease sounding the A-train horns when the improvements are reviewed by the FRA and quiet zone re-established. 
Transportation safety is of the highest importance to the City of Denton and we are proud to work with DCTA to protect the welfare of our community’s motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. 
We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause residents and will provide updates on the progress of this project.
Horn Sounding Locations:
  • Lakeview Boulevard (4700 Block Lakeview Blvd.)
  • Pockrus Page Road (3500 Pockrus Page Road)
  • Mayhill Road (2700 Block of Mayhill Road)
  • Brinker Road (2100 Block of Brinker Road)
  • Colorado Boulevard (1900 Block of Colorado Blvd.)
  • Shady Oaks Drive (1100 Block of Shady Oaks Drive)
  • Duncan Street (1100 Block of Duncan St.)
  • Morse Street (600 Block of Morse St.)
  • East Prairie Street (600 Block of Prairie St.)
  • East Sycamore Street (400 Block of Sycamore St.)

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