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Smoking Ordinance Implementation

12/21/2017 12:00:00 AM

In April 2015, the Denton City Council passed an ordinance that prohibited smoking in certain public places and businesses.

This ordinance updated and replaced a previous smoking ordinance passed in 2012. The newer ordinance instituted changes, including:

  • Prohibiting the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors
  • With some exceptions, prohibiting smoking in bars and restaurants
  • Prohibiting smoking within 30 feet of any storefront entrance

In order to give bars and restaurants that allow smoking ample time to comply, the ordinance included a provision that delayed the implementation for certain establishments. Starting Dec. 31, 2017, all prohibitions and restrictions of the ordinance will be enforced.

Unless prohibited by the establishment, smoking is still permitted in private clubs, bingo parlors, tobacco shops, and on the open aired patio of a restaurant or bar. For a full list of exceptions, see Ordinance 2015-121 on the “Health Permits” section of www.cityofdenton.com, or contact Development Services at (940) 349-8541.


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