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DME to Launch Outage Text Alerts


Denton Municipal Electric wants you to be the first to know about electrical outages that might affect you. On Aug. 5, DME will launch new outage text alerts from TextPower to automatically send notifications via text message to customers when an electrical outage affects their residence.
Starting at 9 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 5, all DME customers with a cellphone number attached to their account will receive a text message alerting them that they have been enrolled in the electrical outage text message program. The photo below illustrates what the text will look like when received on a smartphone. The text message will give the customer the option to opt out of the service by replying to the text message with QUIT or to get more information by replying to the text message with DME HELP. After this initial message, customers who wish to remain in the system will receive text messages from DME if and when their residence or business is affected by an electrical outage.

Customers who do not receive a text but would like to enroll in the text outage notification system can do so by calling Utility Dispatch at (940) 349-7650.




Why am I getting this message?
You are receiving this text message service as a customer of the City of Denton and Denton Municipal Electric. Through this new service, DME aims to provide customers with timely and convenient outage information.

Am I required to subscribe to this service?
No. This service is completely voluntary, but highly recommended for customers who would like electrical outage information at their fingertips.

Can I have notices for multiple locations?
Yes, you can receive notices for up to four accounts. Contact Utility Dispatch to add multiple locations to your text notifications.

Can more than one person receive text messages about one account? (Multiple occupants in one household)           
Yes, contact Utility Dispatch to have multiple people added to the outage notifications for your household. 

How does the system know who to call in the event there is an outage?
When DME staff receive a report of an outage, they will determine which accounts are impacted by the outage.  All cellphone numbers tied to those accounts that have not opted out of the service, will receive a notification text.

Where can I get outage information if I do not want to receive text messages?
You can use the DME outage map, which is available here, or follow the DME Twitter account at @dmepower.  Residents may also call Utility Dispatch at (940) 349-7650.